10 thoughts on “Woodworking Folding Assembly, Finish Table, Work Bench Kreg

  1. Hi, nice work. Im currently looking for some ideas for compact work bench and i really like yours. If i may, i would like to offer a solution: replace those hinges with 3-4 evenly arranged wide belt straps (cargo belt or smthing like that), screwed from the inside. When the table is folded they would have to be fully tentioned to hold top at the side and when assembled, they would just fold inside. Sorry for my english i hope you understood the idea

  2. Because the hinge must go 270 deg and leave room for the thickness of the board The hinges mentioned won’t work. Their are 270 deg cabinet hinges, but they are small and for my application I would have to place the knuckles up.

  3. You might try Double action hinges like those used on trash dumpster lids, not the spring loaded ones for doors. That would let you fasten the hinge to the under side of your top and still flip over the side.

  4. Thanks! Well, in reguards to the hinges I have tried so many types and unfortunatly, because I am swinging 270 deg the hinge part needs to be on the top so that the top does not hit the side at the 180 deg level. I found a couple of 270 deg hinges but they need to be on top.

  5. That is a great table. You said your only real problem with it is the hinges for the top. You may need a different style hinge, but couldn’t you mortise the underside of the top so the hinges are underneath and dont stick out the top or sides in the way?

  6. No I did not make plans. I took an inventory on what 1×6 and 1×4 scraps I had and started from there. I didn’t have to purchase as much wood that way.

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