20 thoughts on “Wood Tips – Air Drying Fresh Cut Lumber

  1. Did you bring in this wood right away from outside? I am hoping I can do this. Box fan and dehumifer placed on the far end of my shop (more to stop the wood from making the room to moist and not about wood getting dried faster). I have lots of indoor space, but outdoor space is quite lacking. I'd love it if I could cut the tree throw it my truck and put it directly how you have it

  2. I plan on milling up some timber for a deer stand this spring. I will be using a few heavy ply tarps suspended over my stacks to keep airflow up.

  3. How long does it take? It obviously can't be predicted exactly, but are we talking about two weeks or two years? also, what is the moisture content we're looking for?

  4. and can you tell me what is the best thing to stain the wood with to make it last and should I continue to stain the wood every year or so?

  5. But with that amount of wood that you have there how long do you intend to wait before it is dried?

  6. Great vids – am just getting started – 1st plan is to cut pine/poplar into framing lumber to build a garage and an add-on to the house – foresee a solar kiln in the future to dry "good" wood. BUT for a start, looking at air-drying outside. 2x's mostly – varying width – should I dry to say 11/10% for this application? They'll be sealed inside the walls – is this method of drying sufficient for my application?

  7. I used crappy carba tec end sealer and applied a really thick coat of it on the ends and it still cracks, trying pvc glue heard that it might work got any ideas ps I live in Australia so I might not be able to get the same stuff from America like u

  8. I have alot of slabs also (from 1 inch thick up too 3 inches thick) I know the drying time for those is alot longer, but is there anything special I should be doing to them??

  9. Yes, time is not the issue, it's the moisture level. When it gets down to where it should be, who knows what amount of time has to pass to get to that point. I'm not sure about what moisture level wood needs to be when using, but I've heard 20% or lower. It would be easy to search around and find out.

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