Watch This Before You Buy a Festool Domino or Pocket Hole Jig

Watch This Before You Buy a Festool Domino or Pocket Hole Jig

This simple dowel jig can save you hundreds! Watch this video before you buy a Festool Domino or Kreg Pocket Hole Jig.
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20 thoughts on “Watch This Before You Buy a Festool Domino or Pocket Hole Jig

  1. Ahaha, lmao. You just found that you do not take full advantage of the tool you bought. Your solution may be cheaper, but it is no better. It is not adjustable at all, nor can one create detachable connections with it.
    Who buys the domino to use only the wooden connectors with it, is just too lazy to inform about the system. If this is the only task you want to accomplish, I agree, stick with dowels.

  2. But I'd need to get a press drill to make one of these which would turn it into a very expensive accesory guess i'll stick to commercial pocket hole jigs

  3. you can be sure thant someone is makin a patent for your tool and will sell it for $$$. lol
    NIce idea though. Thumbs up!

  4. You have a drill press.. you have a way to make the jig out of mild steel, I like the idea. Gonna use this

  5. Congrats for that invention of yours! But you did better with that round thing called the wheel I think… And btw, if you need to look at the instructions of a tool each time you use it, put it on Craiglist and make some woodworker happy.

  6. Good idea!! Why not insert a metal sleeve in it like an engine cylinder sleeve. When an engine cylinder gets destroyed and they don't want to throw it away, they put a new sleeve in the cylinder. Thanks

  7. When making a table top, make two jigs. Clamp them to a longer board, and put 3/8 bolt or steel pin in one and their is no need to loosen up the holes. And just make one mark on each board.

  8. Brilliant Idea
    Drill the hole oversized, insert and glue a steel pipe/tube with the desired internal diameter to make it last much longer.

  9. are you using a piece of purple heart for a JIG?!
    I don't know whether to be impressed by that or not!

  10. I have a commercial adjustable doweling jig. I never use the thing. I have a Kreg Jr pocket hole kit. I use that a lot.

  11. that's a cool idea. specially, beginner like me can surely benefit. Just a suggestion, can we put metal pipes in that hole so that it does not wear out over time

  12. HSS Lipped Brad-Point Drills from Lee Valley Tools are PERFECT and sharp as the dickens.
    They are EXPENSIVE, so don't use them id there is any chance of them hitting a nail, etc.!!
    However, I had one that had been damaged (hitting a nail) and found it cleared chips and did a better job than the brand new bit I purchased at Lows. Unbelievably clean holes

    " Starting with a top-of-the-line American-made twist drill, we reshape
    and sharpen the tips on a state-of-the-art Swiss CNC grinder. Made from
    high-speed steel, the bits are not subject to burning, and stay sharp
    about 10 times as long as carbon steel bits.
    The polished flutes give superior chip clearance, and the sharply defined
    lips have a slight negative rake angle on the lip tips to score the hole
    perimeter for clean entry and smooth sidewalls. Equally important, these
    bits are extremely accurate in diameter.

    THE CON: If you hit a nail, there is no way (I've discovered) to fix them!

    Today, the list price for one 3/8" bit was $11.40
    I bought the 23/64" bit ($10.90 today) and use 3/8 dowels looking for the tighter fit. Point is, they have lots of sizes both English and Metric.

  13. I've made these before and just glued in a metal insert…east to do and prolongs the life of the jig.
    Can you make a R3 or pocket hole that is at an angle? I'm looking for a good schematic on one of those.

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