Ultimate Miter Saw Station – Project Overview and Plans

Build a miter saw station that will provide support for materials, adjustable saw positioning, the Kreg fence and stops system, dust collection and storage for offcuts. This is just a preview of the project, GET THE PLANS for this project here:
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20 thoughts on “Ultimate Miter Saw Station – Project Overview and Plans

  1. Built this and it turned out great. The only negative comment I have is the dust collection. It does not work well at all. I have a large two stage 220 shop vac system and it just does not draw the saw dust from the trough behind the saw.

  2. that switch is only meant to supply 15 amps, you are better off going with an ivac that has two independent 15 amp circuits, one for the vac one for the tool.

  3. No offence, but if you have a dust collection system, hook BOTH collection points to it. Why mess with a shop vac? By the same token, if your using a shop vac only, why not hook it up to both ports with some sort of Y coupling?

  4. the word mitre is correct if your middle English or even old French, and in Latin mitra. but here in the good old USA, it's miter.

  5. Most wood workers. The ones that value their health. There are numerous systems built on 4". Cheap mobile units, up to fancy permanent setups. A shop vac will never last. They dont do a very good job and are very loud. If you're just whacking off an occasional 2×4 no problem. But if you are working for an extended period, or using fancy hardwoods or chemically laced materials (MDF as an example) you are really trashing your respiratory system.

  6. Welcome to the internet where everyone thinks their language is the dominant one. This was produced in the USA, therefore miter is correct, not mitre…

  7. One thing to consider is what about moving the unit to another shop, by yourself? I can't really see from the video but do the 3 sections of the cabinet come apart? Are they screwed together. Call me silly but I would add 4 wheels to each section to make moving it a snap. If yours is going to stay put then there's no need for that.

  8. The switch is rated only for 125VAC/1A/60Hz on the tool port, the UK is 220VAC/50Hz. It is sold only in the USA by DCG Products.

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