20 thoughts on “Tron-Inspired LED Slab Table

  1. So I searched for Woody Hyezmar on the net. You can get his plans, although they're not up there with the best, there’s some good stuff too.

  2. wow that is really really beautiful and so cool to watch. i am very impressed. great job

  3. I want to make a similar table but instead of epoxy use molten glass so that when it cools it will be clear. I realize it will but the wood, slightly, but I am thing isn't about using a thin layer of silicon or some other high temp resistant substance. Something thin enough to contour the glass to the rough surface of the wood.

  4. There are new versions of the small LED controllers around now that have wifi control as well. So much cooler using your phone to dial in an exact color rather than the limited selection on the IR remote.

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