Tool Talk #7: Ridgid 12″ Compound Sliding Miter Saw

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20 thoughts on “Tool Talk #7: Ridgid 12″ Compound Sliding Miter Saw

  1. I got a 10 inch ridgid miter saw bough it about 10 years ago and one of the best investment in my shop.

  2. I love mine it works great probably my favorite tool in the shop. I have the dust port on the top hooked in my dust collection it gets about 25%. I have it mounted on the mobile base they sell for it that also works great.

  3. That was a surprise! I was planning to sale my old craftsman radial arm saw and buy a sliding compound miter saw. The only thing I use the RAS for is cross cutting wide heavy boards, 2x12s. Everything else is use my old 12in CMS. I thought the SCMS would do both jobs and take up less space. the 12 in CMS is about to give up the ghost!

  4. Thanks, I bought the 12 inch compound sliding dewalt w/ stand. Takes more room in garage than table saw. Love it though!

    THANK YOU :)

  6. Well worth the time for the review.  I have an old 1992 Sear Radial Arm saw and it works great.  I keep it at 90 degree and is incorparated into my bench.  Well worth the money to buy one.

  7. You can find RAS on craigslist like I did for under $100. It was a Sears and it was under recall. So I got a new table and blade guard for free. Just look at the model # and look it up on the radial arm saw recall. The new blade guard has decent dust collection.

  8. Hey Jay, I'm looking into this saw pretty heavily because It really seems to be the most affordable 12" saw out there. All your positives are things that I'm looking for in a saw and I dont really mind the size as its going to be stationary. Do you find that the bevel adjustment is accurate and repeatable? Do you ever have to check the blade angle to the fence and adjust it to be right?

  9. Jay…can you point me towards a video that will show me how to align a 12" double bevel compound sliding miter saw (made by Chicago Electric ((Harbor Freight)), please I think mine is pretty seriously out of alignment. Thank you in advance. Hal Brock

  10. If you lived closer, I would give you my radial arm saw. If you wind up getting one, Craftsman had a recall on them and, if it is applicable, the will send out a new blade guard and table top for the saw.

  11. Hey Jay. I have the same miter saw, just an older version that i got when my dad retired. love it. great saw, but i agree… it is a freaking beast! It's huge and super unwieldy to carry anywhere. I've been debating whether or not to keep it or move down to a 10". I just dont want to some day have to cut something and say, "Dang, i wish i had my 12" mitersaw". How often do you feel that you use the 12" full cut capacity? I'm just a home-sumer so i was thinking of going to a Craftsman COMPACT 10" sliding mitersaw since you can butt it up to a wall. i have limited space in my garage. :)

  12. Thanks Jay. I have the same saw….I still use it on the portable stand it came with. that way I can cut 10 feet and up long pieces. I was hoping to build the cabinet you designed but I wasn't willing to lose that wall space. I will check the squareness of the extensions. I agree with everything else you mentioned though. It is a very large saw. I also built a tent around it with a 4" suction that performs fairly well.

  13. I've seen this at several Woodworking Shows and it is pretty impressive. I wish I could afford it. It's vastly less expensive than the Festool – more around the DeWalt price point. It sure seems pretty innovative and appears to address a lot of your concerns with this one.

    Oh well, I was going to post a link to their product demo video, but it won't let me. Put this into your YouTube browser:
    Bosch GCM12SD Glide Miter Saw

  14. great video —I have a Dewalt Model 540 Radial arm saw ,I like it lots of power 16 inch cut..It takes a lot room too ,and dust collection is not good .A nice feature is the motor and colum swing out of the way

  15. Have you ever thought about creating a Amazon list of all your tools that people could go check out what you have? I believe these lists create income for their creators.

  16. When I was shopping Miter Saws, I didn't have a budget. I only wanted the largest cutting capacity and accurate. The Mikita LS1216L is the one that won me over. The longest cross cut of any saw. Even longer with a sacrificial board underneath I think it will cross cut 16" in one pass. I know it does 8" crown moulding. Plus it's super accurate, even being a 12" blade.

    I really wanted to go with the Bosch Glide, but the few negative reviews mentioned it's inability to fix the alignment if you get a dud, or sometimes the casting under the base is weak and can crack, permanently taking it out of alignment. And the bevel lock handle actually needs to rise above the cut table. That's obviously an issue from time to time. Plus, I took a square with me to the store, and noticed arbor runout when moving the saw front to back on the glide mechanism. Maybe it was the floor model, but still… if just being played with in a store is beating this thing up, I couldn't image actually using it.

    The Festool Kapex just didn't have the cut capacity for $1500. Yeah it's nice, but since I don't have their dust collection, and I'm not tied into their system, the bells and whistles weren't calling me.

  17. great video. informative as usual. That realy helped me as im looking to but a saw and have been wondering which would be better. Radial it is.Thanks.

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