Repairing Antique Tools – Swan Beam Drilling Machine Part 2 – by Old Sneelocks Workshop

Repairing Antique Tools - Swan Beam Drilling Machine Part 2 - by Old Sneelocks Workshop

A quote from Zachary Dillenger: “Tamen non est tractata, commodo sed quid opus est me habere”
There is an antique shop in Hickory Corners, north and east of Richland. I would drive through the one intersection in town and check out the antiques they would display on a bench next to the road. One of the items was a severely trashed beam drill. The price tag was .00 and it sat on the bench for 2 years before I got down through the project list enough to let this old drill float to the top.
I had a drill in much better condition but I hate to let tools go to rot and rust. I offered .00 and brought it home. The wood is trashed and the casting and shafts have serious wear but it will be an interesting project.
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