Woodworkers Club Rockville, MD Acoustic Guitar Making Class Oct 25, 2015

A short video recap of the students from the Rockville, MD Acoustic Guitar Building Class on the weekend of October 25, 2015.

It’s always great to hear what students unscripted comments are following this class.

Hopefully you will be inspired to be an upcoming student.

Be safe in all your woodworking projects…Rock on!

Best Wood Finish for Woodworkers

I know what your thinking… wood finishes are a very subjective topic and there really is no single best finish. But this woodworking finish is my personal favorite, especially on walnut, which is my favorite wood. It’s a finish made famous by amazing woodworkers like Sam Maloof and George Nakashima.

This finish may not be the most durable or the cheapest, but it feels the most natural to me.
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WordPress Websites for Woodworkers – Hosting

If you have a WordPress website, is it Secure, Stable and Fast ? Have you been Hacked ? My Solution to the problem.

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2×4 Wooden Skateboard (Gwinnett Woodworkers Contest Entry)

I made a 2×4 Skateboard for the 2015 Gwinnett Woodworkers Association 2×4 Contest. It was voted Most Functional and I won a gift card to Peachtree Woodworking Supply! Rad!

Read my article and download my free template:

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Tools Used:
Craftsman 12″ Bandsaw
Ridgid Oscillating Spindle Sander
Black and Decker Drill
Duracraft Drill Press
Craftsman Socket Set
Craftsman Contractor Table Saw

1. Mill the 2×4 to thickness and length.
2. Cut the skateboard parts using the templates. Drill holes.
3. Sand all parts well prior to assembly.
4. Glue the top together.
5. Make spacer blocks for the wheels and glue them on keeping the holes aligned with bolts.
6. Apply desired finish and assemble.
7. Decorate with paint, stickers, etc.

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Music is “Pomade” from the YouTube Audio Library.
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The Maritime Woodworkers Show – S02E38 With Reclaimed Audio!

Who are the Reclaimed Audio group?! Phil Pinsky, William Lutes, Tim Sway
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Reclaimed Audio Podcast!

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