Tabletop Wood Movement Explained

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Wood movement can be a terrible frustration. There’s nothing like seeing your table top warp over time after you worked so hard on it. However, if you know that wood movement is an issue and that it actually does happen, then you can plan for it and prevent many problems associated with seasonal wood movement.

It’s helpful to know the different types of wood movement such as cupping, warping, expansion, contraction, and twisting.
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75 – Road Trip to Wood Werks Supply

This video was originally published on December 12, 2008 & was never added to YouTube…until today!

Original post on our site with additional information, plans, questions & comments:

Some of you may recall our visit to Ohio last spring. While we were there, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to visit a woodworking store that I had heard great things about: The Wood Werks Store in Columbus, OH. Pictures just can’t do this place justice! Wall to wall tools, lumber from floor to ceiling, and a Rockler store built-in! Amazing! Since this store is essentially a woodworkers playground, I thought it would be fun to give you a little tour. Wood Werks has also made great efforts to bring the magic of their retail location online. So you can now shop for all the latest and greatest tools and supplies at

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CNC Automatic wood lathe – for sales

CNC Automatic wood lathe - for sales

The video shows a automated wood lathe machine which we offer right now to a reasonable price. The product can as well be customized. If you are interested please send a message to

Wood Lathes are used for the production of many different type of furniture. For example Chairs , Sofas, Tables or Child bed can use the outcome of wood lathes. Furthermore they are used in the production of wooden staircases.

Wood Lathes are machines which turn wood bars at a high speed. During the turning process one or more knifes will form the wood bar. The result is a round wood tube which has a Wood Lathes have a long history and symmetric design.
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Wood Profits: 7 Ways To Save Money In Your Woodworking Business — Wood Profits: 7 Ways to Save Money In Your Woodworking Business

Whatever business you choose to start and irrespective of the specifics – there’s going to be some costs involved. Many woodworking businesses get their start on a shoestring budget.

When money is tight – you’ve got to look for opportunities to cut your expenses wherever possible. That’s the purpose of today’s video.

I’ve been around the block a few times and I know what it’s like to have all those bills staring you in the face. While the bills themselves aren’t avoidable, there are things you can do to lessen the impact and give your fledgling woodworking business a better chance and survival, growth and ultimate success.

If you’ve got an endless budget, this message probably doesn’t apply, although there are a few tips here that could help make your wood business more profitable down the road.

I’m going to assume that you’re like most of us getting started. You enjoy working with wood and you realize that you’ve got a strong work ethic and valuable skills. You’re probably tired of working for the man too. Starting your own woodwork business is the way to go and if you can do it for less – that’s even better.

One tip discussed in the video that you should strongly consider is incorporating free materials into your work. This often requires a keen eye and a state of readiness to seize any opportunity.

Think about scrap wood and other materials. Driftwood, pallets, crates, recycled furniture, and the like. Each of these represents potential profit. If you have a supply nearby, consider making the most of it. You won’t find a better deal anywhere.

And if you can’t use recycled lumber in your products – you can certainly use it for benching, shelving, storage racks, jigs, and templates. Keep your eyes open and be willing to take action. That’s one money saving tip that can give you a profit boost when you need it most.


173 Woodworking technology utopian Amazing Wood machinery super modern

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#CNC 7-axis
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Easy DIY Wood Storage Cabinet

Any easy to make storage cabinet using pocket hole joinery. A simple weekend project.
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Project info ——————————-
This project was created with the following materials/tools:
Pine 1 x lumber
Hardboard panels
Pocket screws

Episode Notes:

The whole build started out with a few pieces of standard 1x pine boards.

First I marked out and cut the pieces I would need for each shelf.

For this cabinet there are 8. Seven actual shelves and the top.

After I had the proper length cut for each one, I headed over to the table saw and ripped each piece down ¼ inch shorter than each of the sides would be to allow for the back panel later on.

Using a circular saw, I cut some off the side of each board that would be the side to bring it down to the dimension I wanted. I also cut them to length on the miter saw.

Once I had everything cut for the shell of the cabinet, I started the task of drilling all of the pocket holes. I laid these out with equal spacing so they would look somewhat nice when the cabinet was opened, especially since I wasn’t planing on filling in the holes.

After all the holes were drilled I did the most exciting part of the project. I only sanded the side opposite of the pocket holes though. It saved both time and my sanity. I also hit the front edges as well.

The next step was to mark out where each shelf would go. This is fairly quick work of you measure out each shelf and then pencil your lines on with a square.

Now that all the holes are drilled and the marks are drawn you can start screwing the shelves to the sides. I started out by attaching all the shelves to one side. After I had all of those attached, I moved what I had assembled, flipped it and sat it back down on the opposite side. Since both sides are marked the same, this makes it incredibly easy to line up.

Next, I flipped the cabinet on its face and added a ¼ inch deep rabbet around the inside edge of each side to allow it to receive the back panels.

The back panels I used were some ¼ inch thick harboard panels that I had gotten from an old building I recently helped renovate. Before nailing them down, I measured to make sure everything was square and then fastened them down with some brads.

Since these did come from an old building, I sanded down the back of the panels to remove some of the coal dust that was caked into the fibers.

I also made two pieces for the front of the cabinet that would set above and below the doors. To make them look a little nicer, I put chamfer on the edges. Then I glued and nailed them in place.

The last thing to construct was the cabinet doors. The doors I settled on were simple and were assembled with butt joints, glue and you guessed it, more pocket screws.

So they would match the top and bottom plates of the cabinet, I added the same chamfer around the outside edges of the doors, but I left the inside edges how they were.

… read more about this project on our website. Link at the top of the description.
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Miniature Japanese Tea House – Wood Dollhouse Tutorial

Hi guys! Today we’re making this Miniature Japanese Tea House to go along with our Koi Pond 😀 This has been requested, so I hope you enjoy. Sadly I have never been to Japan and seen a real tea house, so I had to base this project of of pictures/measurements online. This little doll house is in 1:24 scale, which is half the size I usually work in, but you can make it in any size you want. It has a cute tea room with mats and working sliding doors.
If you haven’t seen my previous koi pond video, check it out 🙂

Good to know:
I work in 1:12 scale, but you can make them in any size you want and add headpins to make them charms 🙂 I used a mix of the polymer clay brands Fimo and Cernit, but you can use any brand you like. The liquid clay I use is from the brand Fimo. My mold maker is from Siligum/Sili-put.

Thank you so much for watching, I hope you enjoyed this video ^^

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”The Mountains Are Melting” by Aurora

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