diy woodworking bench vise is incredibly fast

Homemade fast action bench vise for woodworking that is unbelievably fast to use!!
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Please watch: “build a tablesaw sled in 10 minutes”

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Restoring an old woodworking vise (Rededa Number 2)

Restoring an old Rededa Number 2 woodworking vise. I bought it on GumTree for £20. t was old, dirty and rusty and in poor condition. I gave it a clean, used a rust converter product, painted it with metal paint, fitted some plywood jaws, and finally fitted it to my workbench. Thanks for watching! Please subscribe!

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How to Mount a Workbench Vise

Learn how to attach a 12-in. Quick-Release End Vise to a workbench. This heavy-duty, easy-to-install steel vise will be the workhorse of your custom workbench! Machined pivoting nut engages or releases with a 1/4 turn of the 1″ dia. main screw so you can easily re-position your workpiece. Extra-wide 12″ O.C. guide rods provide maximum resistance to racking, while extra-wide 17-1/2″ handle plate delivers maximum stability to handle any project.

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Making A Wooden Vise

More info:
The vise is made almost completely out of solid pine. The jaw pads and handle are maple.
The jaws are 8″ wide and the vise opens nearly 7″
The lead screw is a leveling leg for a scaffold and is about 1-1/4″ thick solid steel.
I clear coated the finished vise with oil based polyurethane and bolted it down to my workbench with 3/8″ lag bolts.
The video is made up of nearly 200 clips, filmed over three days. It shows all of the important parts of the build in a very concise package. There is no narration, since to do so would turn this 12 minute movie into a three or four part miniseries.
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How To Make A Moxon Vise – Traditional Workbench Woodworking Project

How To Make A Moxon Vise - Traditional Workbench Woodworking Project

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The Moxon Vise Is a simple Vise and can be made in a day or less. it is a hand tool that can be extremely useful for dovetails and other fine joinery. This is a quick How-to woodworking video to give an overview on this shop built Moxon Vise project. I would love to see yours when you make it!

Moxon Vise for the kids:

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#4 Hand plane setup for smoothing:
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A Cheap Bench Vise

I found this cheap irwin bench vise for ! A quick video showing how to install it. I used 5/4 Cherry because I had it on hand but I’ll probably replace the liners with 3/4 inch material

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Stone and Son’s video:

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$20 DIY Bench Vise

 DIY Bench Vise

I took one of those cheap clamp vises from Harbor Freight and mounted it to my bench like a woodworking vise. Thought I’d take the opportunity to use my new camera to make a video of the mission. Keep watching until the end of the video to see my family of Carolina Wrens that nested in my garage. Very cool.
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