Installing and Using Hinges Beginners #19 – Woodworkweb video

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Easily the most common hinge in the world is the Butt Hinge, and it comes in many variations, sizes, materials and coatings. In this video we look at a variety of types of hinges and give some tips and suggestions on how best to install them.

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Cutting Dovetails by Hand: The Hand Tool Woodworking Apprenticeship Foundations Video … PURCHASE THE FULL VIDEO HERE! This excerpt from our new Apprenticeship video series shows how beautiful and tight fitting dovetails are made using only a few simple hand tools. This fundamental joint is seen throughout furniture made all throughout history. Period original antiques have dovetails that are surprisingly utilitarian. The obsession with engineer-tolerance precision dovetails is decidedly modern. Watch Joshua Klein cut this joint in the way it has been done for centuries: tight-fitting and strong but no frills.

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This first foundational video in our Apprenticeship series serves as an overview for those interested in the hand-tool-only furniture making process. Come into the shop of Joshua Klein, editor of Mortise & Tenon Magazine, to absorb the woodworking methods he’s learned from examining countless pre-industrial originals. The evidence of process left behind as tool marks gives a beauty and authenticity that no machine can mimic.

In this video, Joshua sets out to unravel the unjustified mystique about hand tool woodworking for M&T readers. After looking at the basic tool set and sharpening, Joshua walks through how he selects his lumber and processes it with hand tools. The heart of the video is the demonstration and explanation of the foundational furniture joinery. An introduction to using shellac and milk paint closes the tutorial. Throughout the video, Joshua busts the myth that working wood by hand is simply naïve anachronism. To the contrary, he’s discovered it to be a surprisingly efficient and viable option for the 21st century woodworker.

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Elder Scrolls Online Episode 3: ESO Woodworking Tutorial Video – “I See What I Saw”

This video gives you everything you need to know about the blacksmith crafting profession in ESO. It covers gathering materials, every crafting action, and the woodworking skill tree. Don’t forget to check back every week for the rest of the series.

Elder Scrolls Online Blacksmith Tutorial – “If I Had A Hammer”

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Squares – Choosing and Using Them in the Workshop — A video : Making good joints and wood projects that fit together nicely begins by having your machinery set up accurately, and the only way to do that is to make sure you have accurate squares to do that with. In this video we look at different squares and which ones are more suited for setting you equipment more accurately and which ones are for rougher construction work.

How To Sharpen A Woodworking Chisel • Complete Sharpening Series Video 16 (4 of 7 videos that feature the General jig being used with the DMT Diamond stones.)

This is the sixteenth video in my complete sharpening series. In this series I will use the following tools and machines: Makita 9820 electric water stone with an after market sharpening jig, Bosch belt sander, Porter Cable belt sander, Mitutoyo combination square, General Sharpening Jig, DMT Diamond Stones, and various chisels, plane irons and scrapers.

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