Eclipse 9″ Woodworking Vice – I Like Tools Episode 07

Amateur Jon installs his precious little woodworking vice. It is a 9 inch Eclipse vice. To install it he added some 2×4’s to his bench and screwed it in.

You’ll notice I didn’t line up the top of the vice to be flush with the bench top, not sure it that will be an issue. If it is I will extend the wood jaws further up.
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Installing an HNT GORDON Tail Vice at the Unplugged Woodshop Toronto
Installing an HNT Gordon Tail Vice.
In this video, we install an HNT Gordon Tail Vice into one of our joinery benches at the Unplugged Woodshop Toronto.
The vice is inset into the bench top.
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Installing a Nicholson Style Vice

Installing a Nicholson Style Vice
Learn how to install a Nicholson style vice, using basic hand tools and materials. The Unplugged Woodshop is a hand tool only school in Toronto, Ontario. We have 8 workbenches for students who want to learn the fine art of furniture and cabinetmaking. 6 Nicholson style benches and 2 Roubo’s. We offer a full curriculum of hand tool wood working classes and courses. For the beginner to the advanced, we have something for everyone.
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The Holdfast and the Batten – Tail Vice Alternative For Hand Tool Woodworking

A sturdy workbench is essential for hand tool woodworking. You need to be able to clamp your work in many different ways, but good woodworking vises can be expense and complex to install. This alternative method makes use of a traditional holdfast and simple home made batten with a bird’s mouth notch. Combined you can secure work down to your workbench top quickly and effectively for planing both with and across the grain.
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