Tabletop Wood Movement Explained

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Wood movement can be a terrible frustration. There’s nothing like seeing your table top warp over time after you worked so hard on it. However, if you know that wood movement is an issue and that it actually does happen, then you can plan for it and prevent many problems associated with seasonal wood movement.

It’s helpful to know the different types of wood movement such as cupping, warping, expansion, contraction, and twisting.
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Building a Reclaimed Wood Tabletop
This video illustrates my method for working with reclaimed lumber to make tabletops. Filmed on location at my woodshop in Vermont, the process starts with material selection, I then show step-by-step machine tool techniques to produce straight and uniform boards. Half-lap joinery is utilized for edge gluing boards together. Sanding techniques and finishing are also shown. The finished product can be seen in my next video ‘Building a Table Base”.