Building a French Cleat System for Power Tools

Building a French Cleat System for Power Tools

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This week I build indiviudal holders for each one of my power tools so that I can store them on a French cleat system
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Woodshop Dust Collection System

After researching central vacuum systems for my workshop, I decided to build my own central vacuum system. I used a 6-gallon bucket underneath a DIY cyclone. The system works great and emptying the bucket is much easier than emptying the shop vac. I also have the unit mounted near the ceiling so that it is out of the way. I use a remote control outlet to turn the system on and off.

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Items used in the video:
[✓] Shop Vac:
[✓] Tin Snips:
[✓] 8″ Duct:
[✓] 20′ Flexible Hose:
[✓] 2″ Female Adapter:
[✓] Small Tool Hose Adapter:
[✓] Remote Control Outlet:
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Build this Sawdust Collection System

This is the TKW’s last word on dust collection.

What you’re about to see here will amaze you perhaps even stupefy you or maybe even leave you dumbfounded. Indeed, My Spiffy ShopVac ™ is something you lonely dust collection souls have been searching for. You don’t need any fancy tools, extensive piping or sections of flexible hoses sticking out from everywhere like Medusa. In fact, for about .78 you can make my DC system and live happily ever after.

If you run into a situation where the barrel collapses from the vacuum pressure then the wall is too thin. You can combat this occurrence by adding wood strips to the outside of the barrel, screwing them from inside the barrel into the strips on the outside.

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Woodworking – Milwaukee 12 Volt Tool System Review In this video we review the Milwaukee M12 cordless LITHIUM-ION system, including the Milwaukee cordless LITHIUM-ION Screwdriver, Cordless LITHIUM-ION 3/8″ Drill Driver and Cordless LITHIUM-ION Radio

PSI Woodworking LCGRIND4 Complete 4-Piece Precision Lathe Chisel Sharpening System Home

PSI Woodworking LCGRIND4 Complete 4-Piece Precision Lathe Chisel Sharpening System Home Improvement..
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PSI Woodworking LCGRIND4 Complete 4-Piece Precision Lathe Chisel Sharpening System Home
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Hoffman Dovetail System – JJ Smith Woodworking Machinery Ltd

The Hoffmann Jointing System is an extremely versatile and effective way of jointing wooden components. The system has confidently been used for over 10 years worldwide and is now recognised as a high quality durable joint. The patented dovetail key provides the ideal joint because the precise double dovetail shape, and the exact matching slot produced on the machines means the two pieces of timber are accurately and precisely drawn together to form a secure and permanent joint. Applications include mitre joints on architraving, door linnings, picture frames, window beading, plinths etc. It can also be used in straight but joints for general furniture, drawer boxes, kitchen cabinet face frames etc. In addition shaped staircase handrails can be jointed along with large section heavy frames or garden buildings. The machines themselves are very simple to use and operate and as standard are available with manual or pneumatic, bench or floor standing. For special applications there are a number of semi automatic models available or machines complete with saw units for producing the cut joint to be dovetailed.
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Portable Power Tool Safety with the Rockler T-Track System | Woodworkers Guild of America

When using portable power tools it’s very important to have your work secured, and to keep your hands out of the way of the cutting tool. Here are some tips to help you keep your project parts in place while you’re cutting them, and keep your hands safely out of the way. Remember to always make power tool safety a priority in your workshop.
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