How to build a workbench – (Part 1) Laminating the top – with Paul Sellers

How do you build a workbench without a workbench? This is a somewhat difficult part of getting into woodworking that Paul Sellers addresses in this video. In this, part 1, Paul Sellers shows how to laminate (glue up) several smaller boards to make up the top of the bench. This is done in his garden and not a in a fancy shop with loads of equipment. Hope you enjoy.

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Restoring the Bench Plane with Paul Sellers

Need some tips on the best steps to take to restore a bench plane? Whether it is rusty from disuse or as good as new, Paul shows what he does to get a plane working perfectly.

He flattens the base and takes off the hard edges. Paul then prepares the frog to receive the iron assembly, which he corrects and sharpens. He also cleans up and tightens the handles before reassembling the plane ready for use.

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How to make a Joiners Mallet (part 1) – with Paul Sellers

Making a wooden mallet is a traditional apprentice piece in which you can practice your mortice and tenons as well as shaping skills. It also provides you with a handmade and very useful tool to have in your toolbox for years to come. Paul shows you how to construct and finesse the shape of his favourite mallet design.

In this episode, Paul discusses the features that make a good mallet, including choice of wood. The stock is then cut to shape using a few different methods including splitting with an axe, cutting the tapers with the bow saw and handsaw and creating reference faces with the smoothing plane.

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Making a spoon with a gouge and spokeshave – with Paul Sellers

In this video Paul Sellers shows how to make a spoon with a few simple tools. Paul advocates shaping wood as an entry level project that helps introduce people to wood structure and properties.

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How to Sharpen a Woodworking Handsaw with Paul Sellers

Sharpening a saw can be one of the most daunting sharpening tasks for a woodworker. Paul Sellers tries to simplify this by showing how a simple rip cut pattern can be used for many crosscut saws as well. This is a great beginners guide to sharpening the essential saws.

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How to make a Dovetail – The Three Joints – with Paul Sellers

It takes a master woodworker to teach the basics. Watch Paul’s every move in this video. He shows every single detail of cutting this essential woodworking joint. This is one of the three joints that Paul talks about in his woodworking curriculum.

The dovetail is the essential box joint. It is the strongest way to join two pieces of wood at the corner. Although there are many variations on a theme with this joint mastering the most simple form is the most difficult and important step.

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