Woodworking shop remodel

Woodworkers love their tools and every woodworking shop needs a tool cabinet. I made a decorative cabinet for mine with a tree facade that has been a great experience to create and share with everyone. I look forward to using the space to make more videos about current projects I am working on. My woodshop tackles projects that can range in a wide variety of woodworking. Everything from spoons and candlesticks to chairs, furniture and the occasional odd item. Follow along with me as I take on my next woodworking challenge.

List of woodworking schools in the U.S.

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Dream Woodworking Workshop Remodel (part 1)

Joshua Farnsworth shows the introductory remodeling stages of his huge traditional woodworking workshop. See photos & more details here: http://woodandshop.com/my-dream-woodworking-workshop-part-1

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