Inca 560 Planer Feed Upgrade

The Inca 550, 560 and 570 Combination 10-1/4″ Jointer/Planer Machine is a phenomenal Swiss made precision tool. It’s one achilles heel however is that the speed reduction arrangement to power the planer rollers have a plastic helical gear that can be damaged from lack of lubrication, prolonged use or aggressive cutting. I’ve eliminated the one weak point of the machine by installing a 57rpm dc gear motor that allows for infinite feed speed from 0 to 21 linear feet per minute (stock is ~11lfm (low) & 16lfm (high). This is how I did it.

Monster Planer


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Another day of production in the shop where I show another stage of how an end grain cutting board is formed. This video, I take you through the process of taking the rough panels and running them through my 20 inch grizzly planer to make them smooth and suitable for gluing. I also take out the trash along the way.

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Woodworking – Laguna Tools Combination Machine – Platinum Series 12″ Jointer / Planer

Our line of Platinum Series Jointer/Planer combination machines has now grown to include 3 sizes to suit any application. These Euro-style combo machines make good use of the space in your shop. Our 10 model is perfect for hobbyists and small shops that are tight on space. The 12 version provides extra muscle and capacity with wider, longer tables and more horsepower. The 16 version also has a matched jointer and planer with a tight footprint. Each of these machines features the Laguna Shear-Tec cutterhead for flawless cuts and easy knife changes. An optional mortiser is available as an accessory on each machine to make perfect joints. Cast-iron construction from the cutterhead all the way to the table hinges insures a smooth, stable, and accurate cut.

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How to Use Basic Woodworking Tools : What Is a Planer Used For?

How to understand what projects a planer is used for; get professional tips and advice from an expert carpenter on woodworking tools in this free instructional video.

Expert: Kevin Mouton
Bio: Kevin Mouton has spent the last four years making custom, high end, solid wood and veneer furniture for local and national clients out of a shop in Austin, Texas.
Filmmaker: Paul Raila
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SCM Profiset Planer & Moulder | Scott+Sargeant Woodworking Machinery

The SCM Profiset 40 & 60 are engineered for the small to mid-size
cabinet and joinery shop. It provides perfect four sided planing and
dimensioning in one pass. The design of the Sintex NT combines the
process of the spindle moulder, planer and thicknesser in one easy
set-up. Less handling and set up equals quick and effortless processing
of your wood components.

The four side planer is the most cost effective and safest way for
furniture and joinery workshops to produce straight planed and profiled
timber, in one pass giving a great time saving. This machine will plane
on 4 sides and mould on 3 sides up to 180mm wide and 105 mm thick. A
very cost effective compact machine in the modern joinery workshop
where speed and safety are important. Supplied as standard with four

The Profiset is available either as a standard machine or the EP
version has a programmer for automatic ‘Dial a Size’ width and
thickness setting.
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Planing Jig – How to Use Your Planer to Joint Wood

Planing Jig - How to Use Your Planer to Joint Wood

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Jointing wide boards on a planer can easily be accomplished using this planing jig and few wooden wedges.
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It’s not too often you can adapt any of your woodworking tools to do other things, but when you can it’s like having a brand new woodworking tool in your shop. Such is the case when you can turn you planer into a wide board jointer.
Normally a thickness planer is used to plane wood to an even thickness after one face side has already been jointed and is flat and even. If you are in a situation where you have a board that is wider than your jointer, it is possible to joint on face of a board using your planer. The simple trick to this is to make a planing jig from a flat board like a high density fiber board. The idea is to insert wooden wedges in the gaps between your jig and your board to be planed. What this does is prevent your board that is being jointed from rocking in the planer and coming out as warped as it was when it went in. By forcing it to be be stable, the planer has a chance to shave the top edge of the board, thus giving you one flat side. To make your board an even thickness, simply turn it over so the flat side is down and plane your board to thickness and in no time you will have exactly what you are looking for, a wide, flat, evenly planed board … all with the help of a simple planing jig.
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