TimberTech Ornamental Rail System Installation – Glenbrook U

Ornamental Rail System Ornamental Rail kits are available in 6′ or 8′ lengths. • Consult your local building codes for guard and handrail requirements. Measure Your Railing Area • Determine how many 6′ or 8′ Ornamental Rail Kits you need and check to be sure you have all the components (and quantities) listed in the chart. Important Information • Pre-drilling is required for all fastener locations. • Heights specified in this guide are for 36″ residential use. • Prior to installation it is recommended that you consult your local building codes. • Protective clothing and safety glasses are recommended. • For all TimberTech products, standard woodworking tools may be used. • As with any outdoor product, periodic cleaning is recommended.Glenbrook University is a portal for building supply branded videos. The purpose of Glenbrook University’s YouTube channel is to add value to professional builder/contractors in their effort to better serve their customers. By aggregating building supply videos in one location professional builders/contractors can be better informed and by sending links to their end customers assist them in making better buying decisions. Additional information on this video can be found here: www.timbertech.com www.glenbrooklumber.com To Subscribe to Glenbrook University go here www.youtube.com/user/glenbrooku