$30 DIY Portable Miter Saw Station – From one sheet of plywood

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My Delta Folding-Rolling miter saw stand broke as did my Craftsman miter saw. Since I make my living with a miter saw, replacing both was an immediate need. To save space and to save money, I decided to make my own miter saw stand. I thought through what I wanted. I wanted it to break down into three parts, store in a small space, and set up quickly without the need to bolt things together.

I was able to build this stand from one sheet of plywood from Home Depot. I didn’t draw up any plans, just an idea in my head. I’m going to keep refining this design, I believe it is a great concept.

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Super easy $20 miter saw stand!

I needed a stand that worked for me. I could not justify spending 0.00 on on one of those folding stands that pack up well but don’t support more than one piece of material at a time. And no little table to set a couple of tools on.
This really works for production. The 4 supports work great for various lengths without having to keep moving them. I use the support to the right of the saw to clamp and cope. And I’ll set the supports to a specific length with a stop block for repeated length cuts.
A couple of pony clamps on the legs hold 5 or 6 pieces of base or case at a time to lessen the trips to the wood pile.
Next I’ll build an assembly table, but you dont always have that much room to work.
I hope you enjoy this very amateur video.
God bless!
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DIY Miter Saw Stand

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For a written tutorial on how to build this little gem: https://www.wilkerdos.com/2014/01/diy-miter-saw-stand/

In this short video I give you a walk around on how I built this DIY Miter Saw Stand. This is a perfect DIY project for the organizing the shop.
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