Making Gnocchi Boards – Woodworking Projects

Making Gnocchi Boards out of Beech Wood. My mom asked if I could make these boards for her to give out as a gift. The woodworking techniques used in this video include routing grooves, pattern routing, rounding over, and more. This is the least “furniture” -ish of all of my videos so far…so I hope you’ll still enjoy it. I had to do a bit of research and look at some existing Gnocchi Boards to come up with my design. I wasn’t 100% sure that my boards would function properly…but in the end they did. Turns out it isn’t much of a science. In the video I talk about family, how the project came about, and walk through the process of creating some hand made, DIY Gnocchi Boards (not that expect anybody to make them.) But hey, if you want to – here is how I did it! Hope you enjoy!

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Music by Chris Jon Johnson. Check him out on under the name “Sleepy Pablo”.
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A Card Catalogue part one: Making the cabinet panels.
This is a companion video to A Card Catalogue from the new book- The Unplugged Woodshop by Tom Fidgen. 2012. The Taunton Press.
In this video I prepare the carcase panels using 3/4-in. walnut. The parts are jointed, glued and flattened in preparation for dovetails.
For more information on this and other hand crafted projects, check out my book and website- The Unplugged Woodshop.
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Making a Branding Iron – My Makers Mark

My new channel logo carved into 10 mm thick steel to form a branding iron. The thicker material has more mass and holds the heat longer. It takes a while to heat up, but is good for branding stuff in batches.

This would nowadays be the task of a CNC, or even a metal mill, but since I don’t have one, I carved it with a Dremel tool on a piece of scrap. The whole project took less than 4 hours. I used only zip-cut discs to trace the outlines and hollow out the parts in between.


H-LR – “End of the Line”
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Making a Guitar | Handcrafted Woodworking | Où se trouve: Greenfield Guitars

Making Acoustic Steel-string Guitars
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Meet Michael Greenfield, a musician who began tuning, repairing, restoring, and making guitars in the 70s and since then has become a seasoned luthier of bespoke guitars. Having experience with vintage and antique guitar repair and restoration, he brings a unique insight to his craft, creating personalized musical instruments and functional works of art for artists, collectors and those who deserve the very best.

His workshop is based in Montreal, where we visited over a period of 5 months, filming as he and his apprentice, Julien, transformed slices of spruce, ebony, mahogany, and other tree species into glistening guitars. It was all of our collective vision to present the process in the most candid, down-to-earth fashion, so in this hour-long documentary you will see all the glue, smudges, shavings, dust, and callouses. His guitars feature Florentine cutaways with spalted beech rosettes, violin-style body purflings and simple decorative purflings along edges, Laskin style arm rests and rib rests, amongst other features.

This documentary follows several different steel-string guitars from beginning to finish. As Michael puts it, the guitar still thinks it’s a tree until it receives its first set of strings and that is when the instrument is born. After many months of work, the magical moment when we hear a guitar’s first notes is like hearing a child’s first words.

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We shot this video on a Panasonic GH3:
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Laos: Daosavanh Bannavong
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Enzo Mendez, Ivo Cabrera

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The music featured in this film is by musicians using only Greenfield guitars and used with their permission. If you enjoyed the music, please check out the links below:

“Mountain Air” composed & performed by Scott A. McAllister
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“Prelude to cello suite No. 1” Bach – cover by Scott A. McAllister
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“Impossible Story” written, arranged & performed by Brooke Miller
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“V’la L’bon Vent” arranged and performed by Lizzy Hoyt
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Peaceful Woodworking – Making a Frame Saw with Traditional Hand Tools

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Woodworking with traditional hand tools is a nice change of pace from working with woodworking power tools and machinery. After a marathon of working in my wood shop I needed to spend some time outside doing something simple. I’ve had a saw blade for a frame saw for years and finally got a notion to make the wooden frame. Most of the work was done on my handmade shaving horse. You can learn more about it here- The main tools used where an axe, froe, draw knife, spoke shave, saws, auger and chisels. The saw is simple, it has two handles and a cross beam. The blade is tensioned with chord by twisting it with a small flat piece of wood, tension is held by the small piece of wood resting on the cross beam, keeping the chord twisted. It basically works like a hack saw. I hope you enjoy the video.
Here’s some others you may enjoy.
Log Peavey-
Old Ax-
Draw Knife-
Timber Framing Auger-
Hammer & Chisel Engraving-
Making a Large Oak Table-

My Website-

Making A Wooden Bench Dog And Bench Top Refinishing

Making a new wooden bench dog and plugs to fill the dog holes in my bench. Also, redoing the finish on the bench.
Read more about it here:
The website build article (includes free SketchUp plan) for the workbench:
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Making a Simple Marking Gauge

Making a Simple Marking Gauge

After last weeks Project “The Dovetail Jewelry Box” A viewer prompted me to make a marking gauge, since I made reference to not having one in the shop when I was cutting the dovetails for the box. Well that is exactly what I did. Here is a simple project. A quick and simple Shop Made Marking Gauge using scrap wood. – Website – Follow me on Twitter – Like Me on Facebook – A Simple Design of Ocala “Gear” Store – Shop Talk Woodworker’s Forum
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