Repairing Antique Tools – Swan Beam Drilling Machine Part 2 – by Old Sneelocks Workshop

Repairing Antique Tools - Swan Beam Drilling Machine Part 2 - by Old Sneelocks Workshop

A quote from Zachary Dillenger: “Tamen non est tractata, commodo sed quid opus est me habere”
There is an antique shop in Hickory Corners, north and east of Richland. I would drive through the one intersection in town and check out the antiques they would display on a bench next to the road. One of the items was a severely trashed beam drill. The price tag was .00 and it sat on the bench for 2 years before I got down through the project list enough to let this old drill float to the top.
I had a drill in much better condition but I hate to let tools go to rot and rust. I offered .00 and brought it home. The wood is trashed and the casting and shafts have serious wear but it will be an interesting project.
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Holzher Cut 85 Industrial Woodworking machine Holz-Her by Hicksville Supply

The ultimate in cutting precision and value. This fully automatic beam
saw features a heavy duty all welded steel frame. The saw carriage travels
on THK linear guide ways powered by rack and pinion drives for vibration free,
precise cutting. The fully automatic side alignment and cutting length detector
minimize cycle times. The programmable automatic pusher with rear clamping
devices is mounted on THK guide ways and has a speed of 80 m/min.

•PC based controller

•Cutting height : 85

•20 HP main saw motor with 3 HP scoring motor

•Quick-change saw blades

•Saw carriage speed (electronically variable)

•0 to 100 m/min., 100 m/min. return speed

•Non-scratch table surfaces for easy panel movement

PC – Based Control Systems:

Easy to use and understand, the PC based controllers with
Microsoft Windows operating systems offer flexibility and control to simplify
all cuttingoperations. Full color moving graphicsshow exact machine
functions at everystage of cutting.
•Full color monitor

•Microsoft Windows operating system

•Moving graphics

•Intel Pentium processors

•CD Rom and floppy drives

•Latest hard drives, memory and speed capacities

Optional Front Loading System:

•System for loading the machine from the front by means of a rotary arm crane

•Mounted on the pressure beam tower
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