Woodworking – Laguna Tools Combination Machine – Platinum Series 12″ Jointer / Planer

Our line of Platinum Series Jointer/Planer combination machines has now grown to include 3 sizes to suit any application. These Euro-style combo machines make good use of the space in your shop. Our 10 model is perfect for hobbyists and small shops that are tight on space. The 12 version provides extra muscle and capacity with wider, longer tables and more horsepower. The 16 version also has a matched jointer and planer with a tight footprint. Each of these machines features the Laguna Shear-Tec cutterhead for flawless cuts and easy knife changes. An optional mortiser is available as an accessory on each machine to make perfect joints. Cast-iron construction from the cutterhead all the way to the table hinges insures a smooth, stable, and accurate cut.

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6 – How to Mill Lumber Using a Jointer

In this episode, I review one of the most critical and fundamental aspects of woodworking: milling lumber. I review my 4-step milling process, which requires some big tools. And since I know many folks don’t have a fully outfitted shop, I also present numerous alternative methods for jointing edges and flattening faces. The jointer’s jumpin’!!!

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118 – Jointer Setup

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Setting up and calibrating a jointer as well as a quick review of several knife-setting jigs.

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SCMI F410 woodworking jointer 16 inch straight knife

SCMI F410 woodworking jointer 16 inch straight knife

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https://picasaweb.google.com/112152080222272190603/SCMIWoodworkingJointer16Inch104InBed3KnifeHead SCMI f 410 16 inch Woodworking Jointer, 17×104 inch bed, 56 inch infeed, 3 knife 4.5 inch head, 7inch tilting skew fence, 220 volt 3phase, serial # ab45000, we will precision level the in feed and out feed within a few thou under our straightedge, clean – check – replace as needed: bearings and electrical, then hone and balance knives if needed, we’ll make sure its ready to cut wood phone (815)756-7273 for a used woodshop equipment video: more photos at this link :http://picasaweb.google.com/pleasantstmachinery
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