How to Install 3 Types of Drawer Slides in Cabinets – WOOD magazine

Epoxy-coated drawer slides, ball-bearing slides, and bottom-mounted slides are three common types of slide hardware for drawer cabinets. WOOD’s Kevin Boyle explains how to choose between the styles, the advantages and disadvantages of each, and shows a simple way to install each type.

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How to Install Butt Hinges

A quick and easy way to install a butt hinge with perfect alignment and gaps into a cabinet.

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123 – How to Install a Butt Hinge Mortise

123 - How to Install a Butt Hinge Mortise

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While building my 6-panel cabinet recently, I decided to capture the process of mortising for a butt hinge. With a router, a small straight bit, a chisel, and some careful layout, you’ll find mortising for hinges to be fun and easy.
These simple tips will make the process much easier:
– Create some sort of story stick for repeatability.
– Use a marking gauge and knife to scribe the hinge locations for ultimate accuracy.
– Use a router remove the bulk of the material at a consistent depth.
– Use a sharp chisel to fine-tune the fit.

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