Inside Woodworkers Emporium

We had the great fortune to demo our 5th Gen Hobby Laser at the Woodworkers Emporium here in Las Vegas. The craftsmen at Woodworkers were introduced to the laser for the first time, but that didn’t stop them from creating stunning art pieces .
Woodworker’s Emporium was started in the corner of a custom furniture shop with a few woodworking hand tools and some hardware imported from Europe for sale. Over the years the town grew and became the big city it is today; as the construction industry expanded so did the demand for quality woodworking hand tools and woodworking machinery. Today Woodworker’s Emporium occupies a 12000 sqft retail store in the industrial district of Las Vegas.

Inside the Artist’s Studio: Woodworking

Go inside the artist’s studio and learn from woodworking artist Matt Keim, teaching fellow at Craft Alliance in St. Louis, MO. Follow his process as he creates a new piece during the program and answers questions about how the design was created, his process for creation, what tools are used and why, what inspires him, etc. We explore the big questions: Where do ideas for art come from? How is inspiration transformed into a piece of art? What techniques are available for the metals artist?

Words from the artist: “I have been around woodworking for all my life, as my father taught woodworking for more than thirty years. I have always worked with wood in various forms to create both functional and non-functional pieces. I sought out woodturning as a way to express myself and relieve stress. I find it magical to stand in front of a wood lathe and watch long thin ribbons of wood fly over my shoulder, exposing a form within. I try to expose the beauty of the piece I am working by defining the shape to show the grain pattern in all its glory. I turn a variety of woods, both domestic and exotic, often searching for salvaged wood. I love simple forms that do not take away from the natural beauty of the wood itself. I believe that woodturning gives a piece of wood a second life that can be enjoyed for generations.”
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Woodworking Plans – Look Inside This Wood Working Plans With 16,000 Plans

Woodworking Plans. Take a virtual tour inside Teds Woodworking Plans before buying. 16,000 plans:

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Inside the Tampa Woodworking Show 2015

Welcome back to Wood ‘n’ Stuff w/ Steve French! Here’s a look at what goes on at “The Woodworking Shows”. This is the Tampa, Florida show from March 20-22, 2015. There’s always lots to see, learn and buy. It’s always a great time and the speakers are top notch and very informative. Hope to see you there next year!

I apologize for the jerkiness of the motion shots. For some reason my computer’s video decided to act up while transferring files from the camera, resulting in lag that cannot be undone.

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Cabinet Hardware – Drawers, Slides, and What’s Inside – Premier Woodworking

Here we cover basic drawer hardware such as slides and soft close slides as well as go into the more advanced features such as automatic drawers and even an ironing board.

Premier Woodworking
210 Floral Ave
Twin Falls, ID 83301
Phone: 208-731-4005
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Subcultures: Inside the World of Woodworkers!

Subcultures: Inside the World of Woodworkers!

Go behind the scenes of the Nick Offerman woodshop as the SubCultures team digs into the artistry that brings this community together. Want more?

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