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TedsWoodworking Review – Pros and cons

Created by Ted McGrath, Teds Woodworking is considered the most broadly used woodworking plans and projects packages online today. In this particular Teds Woodworking review we’ll understand the product and uncover which are the pros and cons within the package.

Teds Woodworking Review – What’s This Package?

Created by Ted McGrath, a professional woodworker, educator and AWI member, Teds Woodworking generally is a massive collection more than 16,000 woodworking projects and blueprints you can easily follow to create your house furniture, garden chairs, dog houses, birdfeeders, shed and even more.

Ted McGrath spent the very best 24 a few days assembling his woodworking package and according to him this package is called since the comprehensive online today.

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Outdoor Furniture Plans – Ted’s Woodworking

Grab your copy:

“I’ve read numerous books and bought several online woodworking blueprints and this is clearly the best that is on the market in every aspect.

It has got lots of different ideas and inspiration. Plans are detailed and the instructions are in-depth.

I’d rate this package as one of the best collection on woodworking plans I’ve reviewed. You simply must get this, especially if you are just getting started in woodworking. As far as I am concerned, this is a bargain.

The level of detail will set a new standard in the field.”

Willie Stark, Chief Editor, Woodworking
Valdosta, GA

“I just got this package a few days ago, and I’ve had a hard time putting it down. There are lots of full-color pictures, with thorough descriptions of every step in the project.

These turned out to be even better than I’d hoped! Plans are super easy to read and understand, unlike several others I looked online.

I can’t wait to get started building some of the pieces and I have some projects picked out to start as soon as I can get the lumber! A valuable addition to my woodworking reference library. I would highly recommend it to anyone who’s interested in woodworking.

Enjoy! Go make sawdust.”

Bradly Lerwill
Durham, UK

“Of all the woodwork kits I have bought over the years, this is the best collection I have. Its an excellent resource for beginners as well as seasoned woodworkers.

It includes tons of blueprints (over 16,000!) for different small crafts, furniture and outdoor projects. Although I don’t plan on making any of these, it gives a great insight into how to build different things.

It is simply outstanding and an excellent investment for anyone starting out. I would loved to have had these when I was building my first outdoor deck.

Considering the excellent content, the quality of the plans itself, and the bonus software, this package is quite a bargain. ”

Melvin Jones, AWFS Association
Lake Ariel, PA

“I’ve been looking for something like this for the longest time. Thanks Teds for the amazing package of 16,000 projects!

You get to learn how to design, detailed photographs of the projects, exploded blueprints, materials list and step by step instruction.

It even shows you the different tools needed and how to use them and really explains the entire process to you.

If you want to get ideas on your project or build thousands of quality works in wood, you owe it to yourself to get this package”

Kevin Roane
San Mateo, CA

Woodworking, furniture and more! Huge collection of woodworking plans and projects!

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How to Make a Contemporary Dining Table | DIY Furniture

How to Make a Contemporary Dining Table | DIY Furniture

We’ve been needing a new dining table for years! This one is sleek and simple to make.
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How to make a Grandfather Clock – Starling Furniture

Join John Sullivan, founder of Starling Furniture as he shows the Producers of NECN’s Dream House the skill and care it takes to handcraft a Grandfather Clock.

Starling Furniture creates handcrafted period furniture, including grandfather and grandmother tall case clocks, Portsmouth chests, sideboards, tables and more.

Living in New England and seeing it as a treasure house of design and history is a wonderful start. Having the opportunity to build period furniture in my family’s old boat building shop with all its tools and traditions completes my story. For over 25 yrs I have had the pleasure of of building period inspired furniture for some of New England’s most beautiful and fascinating new and old historic homes.

Please visit my website at www.custommadefurniturema or call me at 781-843-6427 if you would like furniture for your home.

How to get access to over 9000 furniture and woodworking plans From Large Dressers To Small Crafts

How to get access to over 9000 furniture and woodworking plans From Large Dressers To Small Crafts

Here you can get acess to over 9000 woodworking furniture and plans:

Master carpenter finally releases over 9000 furniture and craftplans previously only avaiable to top industry designers.
Save thousands of dollars by making youre own high-end wood furniture and other small crafts.
You’ll Get Instant Access To Over 9,000 Woodworking Plans For Furniture & Crafts!
With An Easy To Search Catalog, Complete Blueprints, Material Lists & Full Color Instructions For All Types Of Home Furniture & Crafts!

Have You Wasted Countless Hours And Dollars And Been Incredibly Frustrated By Your Poor Results Because You Chose To Wing It Or Followed Poor Woodworking Plans?

You know, it’s funny really. Most of us try to take shortcuts to save time and/or money with just about anything in life, including hobbies like woodworking. And we never seem to learn our lesson.

In the end these types of shortcuts only lead to frustration and a waste of time and money!

But it wasn’t always that way. I used to take shortcuts to save time and money – only it never worked out that way. At one point I came to the realization that I needed to take my professionalism up a notch and begin using woodworking plans to help me out with my project.

Here’s what I found…
The Majority Of Woodworking Plans On The Market Are Vague, Hard To Read And Will Only Leave You More Frustrated Than You Were Before!

What stared out as a good intention (to buy woodworking plans to help me out) only lead to more frustration. I was no further ahead, even after spending my hard earned money on some plans to help me out.
Truth is, I wanted to get my hands on high quality furniture and craft plans. But, the problem is, all of the plans that I could find were hard to read, incomplete, and did very little, if anything, to help the situation.

Having said that, there were definitely some diamonds amongst all of the crap out there. It took me years to compile my collection of woodworking plans. I am still collecting (I don’t think I’ll ever be finished) but currently, at the time of writing this letter to you, I have over 9,000 plans!

Good news is, I have packaged all of my plans together and put them into an easy to use format to make your life so much easier….
Furniture Craft Plans® Compendium
The Easy To Use Bundle Of Over 9,000 Designer & Classic Woodworking Plans That Enable You To Make Amazing Wooden Furniture And Other Wood Craft Projects!
The FurnitureCraftPlans® package is unlike anything that has ever been created. Inside this life-changing collection, you’ll be empowered with more than 9,000 woodworking plans for your home furniture, wood crafts, and just about anything made of wood.

With my plans in your possession, there’s virtually NO LIMIT to what you can create or build.

You see, every single plan inside this guide was specifically made with the simple builder in mind.

Just imagine how long it would take you to amass your own package like this…

If you were able to find one suitable project plan everyday it would still take you well over 24 years to put together an amazing collection such as this!

With FurnitureCraftPlans® ….

You get over 9,000 plans to keep for life. Use them for inspiration or easily search through them when you have a new project you want to make.

Covers all types of home furniture, small wood craft plans, and everything in between! If you can dream it, I’ve got the plan for it.

Save thousands of dollars with our plans for high-end designer wooden furniture. Build them by following easy-to-follow directions.

Contains some of the EXACT plans for designer furniture projects! (large or small – it’s all covered here).

Each project comes with detailed blueprints, schematics, step-by-step instructions, full color guides, as well as the complete materials lists!

The plans are kept in an easily searchable database so there’s no need to scroll through all 9,000 plans – simply pull up the plan you are looking for with an easy search function.

Your current skill level doesn’t matter – everything is laid out step-by-step in precise detail (it’s virtually impossible to fail if you take the time to follow the instructions).

Cool woodworking tips and resources for you to produce your projects even faster without any loss of quality on the finished product!

You get a complete tools and materials list so there is no guess work (how much time and money have you wasted by returning to the orange big-box store to grab tools or supplies that you didn’t think of when you weren’t using a great project plan)!

Plus you get FREE LIFE-TIME updates! That means you’ll get access to every new plan I release – so you’ll never run out of ideas.

And a whole lot more….
How to get access to over 9000 furniture and woodworking plans From Large Dressers To Small Crafts:

GT100 – Garden Teak Table Woodworking Plans – Outdoor Furniture Plans Free

GT100 – Garden Teak Table Woodworking Plans – Outdoor Furniture Plans

See and get Detailed Plans for Construction at:

Size of timber (section):
a: 3″x2″
b: 3″x1″
c: 2″x2″
d: 4″x1″
e: 2″x1″
f: 2″x0.5″
g: 4″x0.5″
Units: Inches

See and get Detailed Plans for Construction at:
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