Open Face Spray Booth,Woodworking Spray Booth This simple type of China dry filter spray booth is mainly used to paint small subject. It has the characters of good painting effect, easy installation, simple operation and economic price.
Features of Open Face Spray Booth
1. No door, convenient for in and out.
2. Real wall exhaust design make a good painting effect.
3. with lighting system.
4. Economic price
5. The following spare parts of China dry filter spray booth are optional: front door, heating system and inlet system.
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Gyrojaw 2011 | Pivoting Vise Face Accessory

The USA made GyroJaw for once and for all solves the difficult problem of firmly clamping angled or tapered work pieces in a bench or mechanic’s vise — and at a very modest cost. The solid steel stud with a rounded surface rests against the vise jaw when you close up, while automatically moving to the position and angle that produces solid direct pressure on the piece being clamped. The 2 x 3-1/4″ mating face uses an indestructible nylon/glass fiber combination with just enough give to make it non-slip. Get Gyrojaw to add pivoting vise face functionality to meet all your tough clamping needs. Clamp what you’ve never been able to clamp before!