Elder Scrolls Online Episode 3: ESO Woodworking Tutorial Video – “I See What I Saw”

This video gives you everything you need to know about the blacksmith crafting profession in ESO. It covers gathering materials, every crafting action, and the woodworking skill tree. Don’t forget to check back every week for the rest of the series.

Elder Scrolls Online Blacksmith Tutorial – “If I Had A Hammer”

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Eclipse 9″ Woodworking Vice – I Like Tools Episode 07

Amateur Jon installs his precious little woodworking vice. It is a 9 inch Eclipse vice. To install it he added some 2×4’s to his bench and screwed it in.

You’ll notice I didn’t line up the top of the vice to be flush with the bench top, not sure it that will be an issue. If it is I will extend the wood jaws further up.
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The Highland Woodworker – Episode 16

Moment with a Master – Don Williams was in charge of caring for and conserving some of America’s most precious treasures for decades at the Smithsonian Institution. This iconic woodworker, scholar and author has turned his talents to translating Andre Roubo’s volumes from french to english so today’s woodworkers can build excellent furniture. Don invited us to his secluded barn workshop in the Virginia Highlands for a moment with a extraordinary master.

Feature – “They don’t build them like they used to!” Roger Gramm is thoroughly convinced of that statement. He loves vintage woodworking machines and shows a few of his favorites. Roger will actually have you exploring the possibilities after you listen to his story and seeing them in action.

Generation Next – Chris Barber is a young professional woodworker who turned to furniture making when he learned he didn’t have to follow mandated rules. We go to his shop, check out his gallery and learn how he markets himself to potential clients in this day and age.

Popular Woodworking’s Tips, Tricks and Techniques – David Thiel keeps a mostly forgotten tool in his back pocket. There should be a rule that you do too, because it is perfect for so many applications.

Toolbox – Auriou 12″ Cabinet Rasp. All of Charles Brock’s chair making students want to use his, if they don’t have their own. You can work big and small with this fine tool. Find out why it is a must for shaping up your shop.
Video Rating: / 5

Episode 2 The Apprenticeship: Woodworking Techniques and Tips

Professional woodworker, John Landis, takes you on as his apprentice through a series of educational woodworking videos. Using projects being built in his company’s shop, he’ll go over techniques and procedures that easily apply to projects you may be working on. He’ll use tools such as the jointer, planer, lathe, table saw, router, band saw and hand tools.
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The Highland Woodworker – Episode 27

Mike Pekovich isn’t the ordinary woodworking magazine art director. He is also a master woodworker whose talents at Fine Woodworking Magazine have significantly influenced thousand of woodworkers over the past nineteen years. I recently visited with Mike in his wonderful Connecticut workshop to hear his story and see how he designs and crafts his beautiful pieces of furniture.

There are tool collectors and then there are real tool collectors. James Currie has been collecting tools of all types for forty years. If you can look past all of his other collectibles, he has most every pre-1950 American made wood or metal plane, auger bit, brace drawknife, saw, hammer and any other tool in his collection. This is a real slice of American tool history authentically presented.

Fine Woodworking Magazine’s “Finer Points” takes hand-cut dovetails to a new level. Assistant Art Director John Tetreault demonstrates his method for crafting mitered dovetails. After watching his demonstration you will want to give them a try.

Every woodworker should be honing their chisels and plane irons for consistent results at the bench. Lie-Nielsen has a new, beautifully machined honing guide that could be a replacement for your Eclipse style guide or be the first and only one you’ll ever buy. Take a look at this excellent tool in our “Toolbox” segment.
Video Rating: / 5

The Highland Woodworker – Episode 26

**Chuck takes us through hundreds of thousands of square feet of the newest and best woodworking tools at IWF 2016.
**Fine Woodworking Magazine’s Matt Kenney has the Finer Points of how to hand plane thin stock.
**Sit down with woodworking master Garrett Hack, who shows off his hand-built workshop and his latest creative piece and talks about his history as a master woodworker.
All this and more, on the latest episode of The Highland Woodworker!
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The Highland Woodworker Episode 28

You’ve most likely heard of a hybrid vehicle, but have you ever heard of a hybrid workshop? That’s what we are calling the magical place where high tech machinery and hand tools work together in perfect harmony. Something like that sounded like music to our ears! We found Waldron Instruments where the luthiers there use lasers, cnc, drill presses, chisels and more to build their great looking guitars!

Fine Woodworking Magazine’s John Tetreault has the ‘Finer Points’ on how to make a reclaimed wood project come together!

Master Furniture Maker Robert Johnson is a third generation craftsman, is passionate about his work and also plays a mean banjo on the side. He invited us to his workshop in Memphis, Tennessee. We take a look at some of his current work, projects in progress and even his very first piece he made, at an early age, as a Christmas gift for his father. He will take us through his process of knocking out doors — and just wait until you see the machine he uses that can make square mortises in less than a minute. Oh, did I also mention he spent years on the water as a Marine Biologist? Spend a moment with the incredible Robert Johnson.

Making straight cuts with a hand saw can be a daunting task for woodworkers at any skill level. We take the David Barron Magnetic Dovetail Saw Guide back to my workshop for a test cut. Will the results of this magnetic mechanism be positive or negative? Stick around and find out! 😉

These stories and more — this time on the Highland Woodworker!

Viewers Questions Episode #2 – A Woodworkweb Woodworking Video

In this episode we pass along some viewers tips and talk more about finishes like thinning varnish and the pros and cons of petroleum and water based stains.
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