Anyone can power-carve in wood! (Carving a folk-art eagle with the Arbortech mini-grinder)


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Aya Blaine, Artist at Dream Wood, Chainsaw Carving of Eagle for VALOR

Aya Blaine, Artist at Dream Wood, Chainsaw Carving of Eagle for VALOR

Aya Blaine carves an Eagle in Jonas, PA, October, 2014 for VALOR, a homeless shelter for veterans. Find Aya Blaine on Facebook: or

Eagle onsite stump carving by Aya Blaine.
Maple(not sure but maybe Silver Maple again?).
Chainsaw only.

From Aya Blaine:
I carved this eagle to donate for VALOR Clinic Foundation (Homeless veteran’s new home. They will have 12 rooms for Homeless veterans to stay, taking care of their health, give them some work education for independent, then they can make living themselves) for their grand opening, Oct 12, 2014.
I carved an Eagle for them to honor their service.
I know it’s sounds little funny because I’m not an American, and I’m not supporting any of wars, but I think they shouldn’t be a homeless who fought for their family and country, and I hope my eagle let them feel honor themselves.
There were lot’s of good heart volunteers working hard to make it happen.
I was so impressed!!
So I carved my best, and everyone loved my Eagle, I got so many thumbs up and good comment from cars that drove by, many cars stopped to take pictures of my Eagle.
I enjoyed carve the Eagle myself, and my Eagle will stay there to honor them…that made me proud myself.

Eagle Woodworking Demonstrates its Custom Dovetail Drawer Inserts

Eagle Woodworking ( demonstrates its quality custom dovetail drawer inserts, with features and customization options. Host Patrick Bowler of Eagle Woodworking displays their custom dividers, file drawers, double drawer inserts, spice inserts, knife block and more.
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Overview of Eagle Woodworking

For over 35 years, Eagle Woodworking ( has been building custom dovetail drawers, drawer boxes, and custom kitchen inserts using only the finest solid maple wood. We carefully assemble your custom dovetail drawers, ensuring a solid and seamless dovetail joint. We apply two coats of protective lacquer to each drawer, with a sanding in between applications.

Woodcarving An Eagle Head

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it is delta ceramcoat varnish from hobby lobby. I mostly use cottonwood bark and bass wood.
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#81 – WIA’12-Pasadena – Pilgrimage to Eagle Tools

This is a bit late… while looking for free space on my video drive, I found some footage I took of Eagle Tools I hadn’t edited! D’oh!

To a power-tool woodworker, this video could be considered “NSFW”; you’ve been warned!

My friend Roger introduced me to Eagle Tools about a year ago on a trip out to LA. You saw a bit of them when I toured the WIA’12-Pasadena marketplace floor.

This clip is basically Chris and I wandering the store with a few stories from Jesse re-told; Jesse is the owner of Eagle Tools. He’s a great guy with a lot of knowledge of his product line. Though Chris and I were just there to browse, we got a lot of show-n-tell on the Agazzani bandsaws, Incas, a variety of bandsaw blade guides, and the Festool room.

I know Inca has a big fan-base and rightly so based on what I saw and learned. Eagle’s the place for Inca. If I didn’t have a scroll saw, I swear I’d have taken one of the smaller Inca bandsaws home to use as a scroll saw!

There’s some camera motion I tried to compensate for in editing; I was either too close to things or just too excited to hold the camera properly 🙂