3 Cool woodworking tools for December 2016! (Wrangler Riggs, Bench Dogs, Harbor Freight)

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How to make reversible bench dogs

Here is how I made some dogs that can also be flush with the work surface. I only have a workbench and I don’t want to lose parts through the dog holes so I came up with this simple solution that works for all situations.
I made some of them to test the concept for planing wood, but I will use them as well with metal pieces or whatever comes down the road. You can always make them out of wooden dowels too. And I used the lathe because my hacksaw cuts less than a butter knife.

Leave a comment whether you like it or hate it! or even if you are indifferent 😀

James from Wood by Wright sent me the plane I am using. Thanks a lot!! Check his channel!: https://www.youtube.com/c/woodwright

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Woodworking – Making bench dogs

I almost finished my first real woodworkingbench, and decided to make a short video of the final step, making bench dogs.
It’s a pretty simple way of making them. The top of the dogs is the same dimensions of the hole. The end of the dogs is a fraction wider. In my case 1.5mm more then the top. The cut passes about 1.5cm from the edge. 1cm was also fine, but i found the spring effect stronger and not to strong a little bit further.
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