Legacy CNC 3 Station Demonstration

Legacy’s Maverick CNC allows you to work on three independent work stations easily moving from 3-axis machining to 5-axis turning to vertical fixturing for precision joinery. Watch as we use all three work stations to complete a three legged pedestal that features sliding dovetail joinery, a turned spindle and inlay in the table top.

Wood Carving – Power Carving/ Engraving Demonstration

See how easy it is to engrave or carve just about anything. This demonstration is on how to carve a leaf pattern onto a wooden coin using power carving, high speed engraving equipment. We simply copy our pattern onto mylar stencil film, place the pattern onto the surface of our engraving project, then trace the lines right through the pattern paper. With high speed, power carving equipment, you won’t even know the stencil film is there, See how you can engrave or carve almost any surface – by Profitable Hobbies.
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Post IWF 2016 Woodworking Show Demonstration

Post IWF 2016 Woodworking Show Demonstration

Legacy Woodworking machinery had an excellent turnout during the 2016 IWF show. If you were unable to attend or you were overwhelmed by the many choices at IWF, here is a recap of Legacy’s CNC show demonstrations.
We showcased the Gemini CNC machine with it’s unique 3 station design.
Those stations include a 3-axis table that can process sheet goods for cabinetry, sign making, or architecture. Individual components can also be mounted to produce parts for furniture, or crafts.
The joinery station allows components to be mounted on a 0-90 degree vertical. With the edges exposed, Joinery and compound joinery like mortise and tenon, dovetails, and finger joints can be produced
Let’s not forget about turning capabilities. Legacy’s exclusive 4-axis turning center with the articulated bed produces more spindle designs than any other machine in the industry. Produce spindles and multi sided turnings for furniture, architecture, and crafts.

This Demonstration shows an example of using all three stations to produce a beautiful adjustable stool.
This stool has a wooden thread for height adjustment and requires two support points along the threaded bolt. The

Whether you are a full industrial business or a small shop in your garage. The Legacy’s all in one CNC platforms are one of the best investments for your shop.
Learn more about Legacy’s CNC machines and why we are considered to have the best training and support in the industry. By calling 1-800-279-4570 and ask to join our webinar training classes for 90 days, Free.
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Peachtree Dovetail Jig Demonstration For Woodworkers

This is a live demonstration of the Peachtree Dovetail Jig at the Woodworking Show in Columbus, Ohio recorded March 2, 2013 with the vendor’s permission. I have owned this jig for a year and I like it. This is a very easy way to cut through dovetail joints with a router.


Traditional Woodworking Demonstration – Joining (Dovetail & Mortise and Tenon)

Watch in HD!
One in a series of videos I created for the North Carolina Museum of History’s exhibit – “Behind the Veneer: Thomas Day, Master Cabinetmaker.” I filmed these pieces at Old Salem in Winston-Salem NC. Each short film was devoted to a different woodworking task done using traditional methods. They including turning, planing, cutting, and joining. This is the video for joining. It shows two methods of joining; the dovetail (00:00) and mortise and tenon (01:35). All of these videos are presented on an interactive high definition Flash display that I designed and programmed in the exhibit. To learn more about the exhibit, visit www.ncmuseumofhistory.org/wgo/press_04122010a.html.