Bandsaw 14″ score * Lets Compare Delta & Central machinery *review

Yup, came up on a nice 14″ Delta bandsaw last night. Also Scored a Central Machinery 1 year ago for dollars. Lets do a minor comparison between them. Still looking for a larger bandsaw, Waiting for the next deal to present itself.
I prefer to stretch my dollars as often as possible, actually I collect dollars & don’t like parting with my collection so I make it last, ha…
Heading out to pick up a few new blades for my newest piece of equipment.

Delta Bandsaw model 28-203 3/4 hp 1995 ish single speed… Other one is a central machinery 2003 1hp 4 speed. Both seem to be good saws.
Time to make a bandsaw box or build a bandsaw box, which is it? Make of build? I think make is the proper terminology but I don’t know…Okay, time to whip out a bandsaw box. I can resaw over 6″ tall lumber with either of these saws.
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