Cutting Dovetails by Hand: The Hand Tool Woodworking Apprenticeship Foundations Video … PURCHASE THE FULL VIDEO HERE! This excerpt from our new Apprenticeship video series shows how beautiful and tight fitting dovetails are made using only a few simple hand tools. This fundamental joint is seen throughout furniture made all throughout history. Period original antiques have dovetails that are surprisingly utilitarian. The obsession with engineer-tolerance precision dovetails is decidedly modern. Watch Joshua Klein cut this joint in the way it has been done for centuries: tight-fitting and strong but no frills.

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This first foundational video in our Apprenticeship series serves as an overview for those interested in the hand-tool-only furniture making process. Come into the shop of Joshua Klein, editor of Mortise & Tenon Magazine, to absorb the woodworking methods he’s learned from examining countless pre-industrial originals. The evidence of process left behind as tool marks gives a beauty and authenticity that no machine can mimic.

In this video, Joshua sets out to unravel the unjustified mystique about hand tool woodworking for M&T readers. After looking at the basic tool set and sharpening, Joshua walks through how he selects his lumber and processes it with hand tools. The heart of the video is the demonstration and explanation of the foundational furniture joinery. An introduction to using shellac and milk paint closes the tutorial. Throughout the video, Joshua busts the myth that working wood by hand is simply naïve anachronism. To the contrary, he’s discovered it to be a surprisingly efficient and viable option for the 21st century woodworker.

We invite you to cut the cord and join us on this journey.

60w laser engraves and cuts wood, China laser cutting and engraving machine,

60w laser power
20~25% power working at 400mm/s for engraving
80% power working at 12mm/s for cutting
Material is thin wood board for wine bottle.
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Laser Machine catalog:
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Ridgid 18 volt JobMax tool cutting drywall

Here’s a Ridgid JobMax tool cutting some drywall using the oscillating head with segment saw blade and also with the Rotary/Drywall cutting head. Check out my other videos for the RotoZip head, the Tool Free Blade Change Multi-Tool head and soon I will be posting a video of the Reciprocating “Sawzall” head. I only did these videos to be able to post them with my tool reviews on the Home Depot website and hence they are short and not very informative. Since they have received a fair amount of views outside of the Home Depot website and I enjoy making them and being able to provide others with information on tools I will be making some new videos that are more in depth reviews so check back soon!

Here are a few links for different Half Moon Blades which they also call a Segment Blade. I also threw in some links for blade packs with cases, I think these are great as you can get a good selection of Multi-Tool accessories for cheap and the case keeps your blades all together when you pack it around. I personally own the Rockwell kit and it has been a great kit plus the case is big enough that I jam all my stuff in it, an extra Half Moon blade, 2 Rasp blades, 2 more Scraper blades, 3 extra plunge blades and I even jam my 2 little small packs that hold my RotoZip bits into the case as well! I recommend that you look around to see what kind of deals you can get and the different types of blades and multiple other accessories available! I am partial to the Half Moon blades because I find they cut easily and are easier to control that a standard plunge blade, I am headed to Harbor Freight to pick up both their HSS Wood/Metal and HCS Wood Half Moon Blades today. I have found the blades I have bought from there to work good, be durable and they aren’t a fortune. Overall in my experience I like Rockwell, Dewalt and the Harbor Freight Blades because they have worked well, been durable, aren’t to expensive and also like the fact they fit my Ridgid JobMax Multi-Tool heads without the need for an adaptor and that’s on both my Tool Free Blade Change Head and my standard Multi-Tool head, I will leave links for both the Multi-Tool heads at the bottom.

Here are links for the Multi-Tool heads for the Ridgid JobMax and note these heads will fit every JobMax power base, Cordless 12v &18v, Corded 3amp & 4amp and the Pneumatic Powered Base. You can note in the video I am using the standard head which came with my 18 volt JobMax, some models do come with the Tool Free Blade Change Head but not the 18 volt model, I bought it later on and even though it cost me an extra to buy I have to say it’s worth every penny. Check out my other videos and there is a short video on the Tool Free Head. Also stay tuned, I recently purchased the Reciprocating Saw “Sawzall” head and will be posting a video on it soon. I will leave a link for the Sawzall head also. And if there is enough interest I will be reviewing some more of my Ridgid 18 volt tools, including the Gen4X jigsaw, and Gen5X Brushless models 7-1/4″ Circular Saw, Hammer Drill and the amazing Stealth Force Impact Driver soon as well. Thanks for Watching!
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Making a “Butterfly” 3D end grain cutting board
Plans are here:
Free woodworking tutorial “The Basics of making end grain cutting boards” –
Woodworking, making end grain cutting boards, chessboards, jewelry boxes, woodworking plans, etc. –

Infinity Cutting Tools – Insert-Pro Raised Panel Shaper Cutter

Insert-Pro Raised Panel Shaper Cutter
For More Info:

Raise Your Panels and Your Value

With an Infinity Cutting Tools Insert-Pro Raised Panel assembly in your shaper cutter you’ll be able to increase the quality of the cabinet doors you produce while decreasing your operating costs over time. The cornerstone of the Insert-Pro systems are the replaceable solid carbide knives which can be purchased in up to five different raised panel profiles and two rotation configurations (SX and DX). Rather than replacing an entire conventional cutter head (which has the cutting edges brazed onto the aluminum body) you can just replace the individual knives themselves for less money.

Make your initial purchase by choosing one of the profiles below and you’ll receive one Insert-Pro Raised Panel Shaper Cutter Head with two solid carbide knives in that profile and rotation configuration.
Features Include:

Now available in Counter-Clockwise Rotation (SX) or Clockwise Rotation (DX)
One cutter head can cut expertly crafted raised panel cabinet doors in up to five different profiles
Since the knives are mechanically installed on the cutter head without any brazing, the C4 sub-micron grain carbide is harder and longer lasting than conventional shaper cutters
Easy to adjust and operate for both rail and stile cuts
Stack one SX cutter head and one DX cutter head to cut double-sided raised panels in a single pass!

Replacement Parts and Additional Items:

To purchase replacement profile knives or knives of a new profile, make your selection from our list of Replacement Knives for Insert Pro Shaper Cutter Heads
Choose from this list to purchase high quality Infinity Cutting Tools Rub Collars
If your shaper cutter’s spindle is smaller than 1-1/4″, choose an appropriately sized Adapter Bushing Set to make this cutter head fit on your spindle
Want to make your cabinet door panels even better? Add an Insert-Pro Radius Back Cutter (84-010) to your panel door cutting stack
Not compatible with DX Clockwise rotation raised panel cutters

Want to get really serious about your cabinet door production?

Purchase Our Money Saving 2-Pc. Door Making Shaper Cutter Sets Here
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LARGE Machine Cutting, Amazing Wood Milling

LARGE Machine Cutting, Amazing Wood Milling.

Amazing Biggest Wood Cutting Machines, Big Wood Tree.

Amazing Big Wooden Top Machines Cutting Tools.

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I needed some timber slabs to make a work bench so decided to make a quick video showing the entire process. Filmed on my property in Nelson New Zealand.

Infinity Cutting Tools – 3-Pc. Master Woodworker’s Dado Package

3-Pc. Master Woodworker’s Dado Package
For More Info:

Don’t stop yourself mid-project to improvise a homemade dado jig – pick up our 3-Pc Woodworker’s Master Dado Set and keep your project moving forward. This complete package will have you cutting perfectly straight dados to exactly the width you want every single time you use it. Setup is devastatingly simple. Just attach the 24″ PRO-Grip Straight Edge Clamp to act as your fence on the workpiece, fit the included bushing to your plunge or fixed router base, and attach the base to the Precision Router Dado Jig.

The dado jig has easy to read etched setting marks that make finding exactly the right line for the size of your router bit a breeze. Even better, when you want to make multiple passes for wider dados all you need do is adjsut the precision adjustment screw on the side of the jig. You can make dados up to 2″ wide without ever moving your fence, so you know you’ll get the perfect width dado every time.

This dado cutting set goes great with multiple styles of bits. Routing a stopped dado for a cabinet shelf? One of our Carbide Straight Bits will fit the bill. Looking to plunge cut some perfect mortises? An Infinity Spiral Bit will do the trick. Rabbets are always a breeze when you’ve got this set. There’s so much good work that can be done we can’t even list them all! So grab a 3-Pc Woodworker’s Master Dado Set and get back to work, already.

Features Include:

One 24″ PRO-Grip Straight Edge Clamp
One Infinity Cutting Tools Precision Router Dado Jig
One 1/2″ Carbide Straight Router Bit with Plunge Point
Fast setup, precise adjustment, and rock solid operation

Uses in your shop:

Route perfectly placed and sized dados cleanly and repeatably
Plunge cut mortises to exactly the right dimensions
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Using cutting templates & spray adhesive | Mere Mini

A quick guide to using the full-sized, printable cutting templates in many of my woodworking plans. Also, how to use spray adhesive to attach them to a work piece. Here’s a good spray adhesive:

Woodworking For Mere Mortals. Fun woodworking projects every Friday.


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