Live to Lathe – Test Cut Lathe for Book Club

The Goat Farm and Bang! Arts Presents:Live to Lathe

This is the test cut for the lathed 7″ that will be available at the event on February 22nd. Local mad music scientist THOMAS BARNWELL will lathe cut additional plastic into 7-inch squares live!

Brought to The Goat Farm Arts Center by Bang! Arts

• Long set from Book Club
• A record lathe doin’ cool s#%t
• Artist Molly Rose Freeman doin’ cool s#%t
• Strawhat Press doin’ cool s#%t
• The Cottage doin’ cool s#%t
• Thomas Barnwell doin’ cool s#%t


What is a record lathe?:

LIVE TO LATHE Saturday February 22 in the Rodriguez Room. The centerpiece, a limited edition lathe cut single release, is the result of a collaboration between Atlanta’s folk super group BOOK CLUB, artist MOLLY ROSE FREEMAN (The Creatives Project Artist-in-Studio Resident), STRAW HAT PRESS, THE COTTAGE as well as BANG! ARTS.

Patrons will be able to experience a long set of music from BOOK CLUB and will also get the chance to witness the construction of a 7″ single from cut plastic to handmade front and back covers. MOLLY ROSE FREEMAN will live paint a piece on the back of 30 7″ singles hand cut by THOMAS BARNWELL that will then be broken into 30 original pieces of playable art. Print Masters STRAW HAT PRESS will live- screen print the back cover, as well as exhibit work from the artists that they contract work for, including Jason Kofke and Nikita Gale. THE COTTAGE, East Atlanta’s “most delicious” recording studio and venue will provide the sound engineering for the evening. And last but not least, local mad music scientist THOMAS BARNWELL will lathe cut additional plastic into 7-inch squares live!

This amalgam of handmade objet d’art works will be available for in advance of show and day of show. There will limited to the creation of only 30. General admission tickets to the evening will be in advance and day of show. Doors will be at 7:30PM with the Performance beginning at 8:30PM. Advance tickets are available via Brown Paper Tickets beginning February 1st.

A portion of the proceeds will benefit The Creatives Project (TCP), a non-profit arts organization that strives to unite the arts, education, community, and commerce to build strong foundations and partnerships further enabling arts eco-systems to flourish.As Atlanta’s only residency program to offer subsided housing, TCP also provides residents studio space and exhibition space for a two-year period. In exchange, participants give back to their local communities through arts based outreach.









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Woodworkers Club Rockville, MD Acoustic Guitar Making Class Oct 25, 2015

A short video recap of the students from the Rockville, MD Acoustic Guitar Building Class on the weekend of October 25, 2015.

It’s always great to hear what students unscripted comments are following this class.

Hopefully you will be inspired to be an upcoming student.

Be safe in all your woodworking projects…Rock on!

Ladner Woodworkers Club – Senior Living

The Ladner Woodworking Club began in 1976 with a grant from the federal government New Horizons program. A number of colorful senior characters make up the membership the club, which teaches the basics of woodworking to youth, and trains members on safety and woodworking techniques.

Additional Information: “Working With Wood”

To market your product or service, please contact Senior Living offers print and web advertising options. Or visit our website
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