Ridgid R4512 10 inch Hybrid Table Saw

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We take a close look at the Ridgid 10 inch hybrid table saw. See what we liked about the saw and the very few things that could have been done better.
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20 thoughts on “Ridgid R4512 10 inch Hybrid Table Saw

  1. I modded my R4512 with SawStop Cast Iron Wings and a Vega fence. Awesome saw before and real nice after.

  2. There is no hybrid saw that can compete with the R4512 dollar for dollar.
    With that said, it is not perfect and you get what you pay for. 
    It is absurd to expect stellar results that last for a decade from a $500 saw. 
    With that said, this model compared to its predecessor has some areas that are a serious step down.  For example the predecessor had dead on flat cast iron wings.  This model has finicky and somewhat flimsy stamped metal… that is a drag.
    The rails on this model are 2 pieces that you have to assemble, previous model was one contiguous rail set.
    This one has a far superior dust collection setup and the riving knives are far better.

  3. I'm looking at the Ridgid R4512, but I've read reviews where several motor fails & trunk on issues occurred within weeks of purchase. How is your saw working after 3 years?

  4. Why is Evert thing in so damn cheap in USA. I live in sweden and a ryobi RTS1800EF-G cost 4249kr wich is about 516$. Yeas i WISH I WAS AMARICAN :(((((((

  5. great review. i have been researching table saws for a good few years trying to decide on one that will fit my budget. i think i found my answer.

  6. Hey bud I have the same saw . When you had the guard in place . You had the riving knife in the wrong position . The guard is only used with the riving knife in the highest position . You will then see the anti kick back in the right spot .

  7. I have been looking to upgrade my cheap Delta table saw. The knife and blade gaurds were removed years ago and I am always a little nervous using it. The fence is a piece of junk and basically an accident waiting to happen. The Rigid you are reviewing is exactly what I am looking for.
    Thanks for the thorough review and it has helped me make my decision.

  8. I heard this saw is a real chore to assemble because of the many parts and incomplete instructions.

  9. This video is incredibly helpful and answered a lot of questions that I had about this saw. I think you helped me make the final decision to go with this one!

  10. I hate the fence on mine and i have had trouble with my motor overheating in the past. I just figured I'd wire it for 220 and go on. Other than that, I love the saw! Mine is 16 years old and still works as good as new, except the fence….. YUCK! My fence is a little different than your fence. Yours looks to be better quality.

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