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  1. Great video. Curious though, if they don't have "internet access" how will they even see this video? Besides those people still use arm powered hand tools. Great work but takes 3 weeks to drive a lag bolt.

  2. You need a lawyer in your tool box or you are screwed. DONT miss a click or it is void. I registered and was congratulated on my success only to be denied battery replacement due to mitigating circumstances. They should register the product in store I just need to go to work

  3. I hate to say it, but I don't think I'd ever buy any Ridgid tools anymore after hearing about so many die hard Ridgid fans being denied the LSA. Seems like a joke to me. That's gotta be frustrating. You just can't make that stuff up. Whether this is based in reality or not, I'll stay safe and go Milwaukee, Makita, Bosch & Dewalt.

  4. I want to see a follow up video that shows that everything went through and proof of LSA.. I did everything you just did. They never once notified me my LSA didn't go through..
    Ive been a die hard ridgid fan for 3 years. That all ended today.. My old set I thought was covered was not.. I crossed all my t's and dotted every I….. Now they want to charge me a bunch to fix my tools. And Home Depot is charging $20 just to look at them. They say if it is a "warranty" issue I will get it back. Doesn't that take away the "FREE" in " free lifetime service agreement"?

  5. Bought 2 Ridgid tools at HD and went on line to register them. Got an email back saying that it won't accept the LSA . They want the original receipts for lifetime warranty. Saying it could not verify the serial numbers. I was warned of this issue on other forums. Where Ridgid likes to do this. Therefor creating a laziness on the consumer and they get away with just 3 years, not lifetime. I just never learn.

  6. My R4513 table saw and gen 5x brushless hammer drill / impact combo are pending for LSA right now, went through all of the steps online and was informed I needed to send everything in via mail. Sent it all snail mail yesterday. It would be nice if this paperwork could be scanned or faxed over. Fingers crossed everything goes through (btw… I triple checked everything before submitting my forms online).

  7. Does the LSA work the same if you bought online? Can you register a tool bought online at the RIDGID website? If not there is no receipt except for what you can print out so there is no original receipt if they were to request you send one in via mail.

    Guess I'll be finding out soon as I bought the gen x5 brushless Hammer drill/driver combo on black Friday and am having it shipped to my house. I'll be attempting to register for the LSA right away, hope all goes well as I'm counting on the LSA, it was a big reason for buying this kit with the two 4AH batteries.

    It will just be too cool to have the LSA replace my batteries every 3 to 4 years when they crap out and they always do. Yes, I know to re-register any replacements I get under the LSA and I will not forget to do so!

    RIDGID and home depot, want my cordless tool business exclusively for life? Take care of me on this LSA and no other manufacture will ever have a chance!

    Thanks for the tool reviews and LSA video, keep them coming you are rocking it!

  8. Minor correction, it is not "for the life of the tool".  It's better than that.  The terms and conditions state "for the life of the original owner".  In theory (and hopefully in reality) I'll get another 30 – 50 more years out of Ridgid's Lifetime Service Agreement.

  9. Tip for registering. If you pay cash or with gift cards/store credit your name is not logged with the purchase in the Home Depot system and in my experience the online registration will not work and you will need to mail in the forms. When this happened for me I mailed in the forms and within about 6 weeks had LSA status.

    As long as you pay for some of the purchase with a credit card with your name on it you should be good to go for online registration. So if you had a $50 gift card and covered the rest of the cost with your credit card you would be good.

  10. Ridgid should give you the money back for those tools, especially since you did both them and us a huge favour by explaining the LSA in such detail! Great tutorial video, thankyou!

  11. My friend you went above and beyond in this video! You even replied to all the comments! This is why i love your channel and will continue to view it! Thanx chief! I'm officially a Rigid guy thanks to your reviews and gotta say the tools lived up to your review! !! Once again thanks and keep up the great work! 

  12. The reason people have bad things to say about LSA is because most of the time after you register the tools on the site you get an email saying Ridgid's records don't match and to mail them the info. All I use is ridgid tools and the LSA can't be beat but registering and consistently having to send them info after you go on their site and spending that much time is not what people expect especially with how good web systems are today. Ridgid Tools are great but to simply say people are just not registering is not true and also to not address the problems with Ridgid's records matching home depot is a big miss with your video.

  13. Bought the Gen5x tool kit and did this as soon as i opened the box and had no issues, but i bought an orbital sander a couple weeks later and ran into a snag. I was told thay had issues processing my request and that i had to do the mailing process instend. Unfortunately because of my odd work schedule its neraly im possible for me to get to the post office so that i can send it certified mail. Im not to upset cause there is a 3yr warranty and it wasent overly expensive but people should know the LSA isent a sure thing when it comes to buying Ridgid tools.

  14. I wonder how people without Internet access are going to watch your video to find out you can mail in your registration.

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