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Once you know that a spokeshave will be in your future, you need to know what kind of spokeshave is best for you. Tom Caspar has A LOT of spokeshaves in his shop and, using his great collection, can help you identify which version of this tool is best for you. Wooden body, metal body, round or flat bottom, adjustment screws or not….all great questions that Tom will help you with.
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How to build Miniature 1:12 Scale Benches using Miniature Table Saw

How to build Miniature 1:12 Scale Benches using Miniature Table Saw

This is my introduction to you all! My name is Jose F Rodriguez and I have been building museum quality 1:12 scale furniture replicas for over 45 years.
In this video I show you what it is that I create in 1:12 scale and I’ve also thrown in a demo of how to create identical duplicates of a simple little wood bench project.

I feature the PREAC Precision Miniature Table Saw.
Which is basically the finest most precise miniature table saw ever
Though not in production at the present time due to the creator and company owner’s passing, there are current discussions of bringing back production in the future.

I hope you all enjoy this 1st video on this subject and the many to soon follow!

Inca 560 Planer Feed Upgrade

The Inca 550, 560 and 570 Combination 10-1/4″ Jointer/Planer Machine is a phenomenal Swiss made precision tool. It’s one achilles heel however is that the speed reduction arrangement to power the planer rollers have a plastic helical gear that can be damaged from lack of lubrication, prolonged use or aggressive cutting. I’ve eliminated the one weak point of the machine by installing a 57rpm dc gear motor that allows for infinite feed speed from 0 to 21 linear feet per minute (stock is ~11lfm (low) & 16lfm (high). This is how I did it.

028 Antique moulding plane and bench plane restoration technique.

I picked up these two moulding planes at an antique store in Utica NY, in September. They were outside in the elements, when I found them, and seem like they’d been outside for a long time already. I read recently that using a mixture of cider vinegar, turpentine, and boiled linseed oil is a classic method of rejuvenating the wood of the planes.

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