Organizing An Awesome Compact Woodworking Tool Box

Jeremy Broun shows how he organized the compact woodworkers tool box he designed revealing the huge potential for storing and accessing tools and making changes when new tools are acquired.
You can purchase plans for this toolbox at:!e-books/c1w5n
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7 thoughts on “Organizing An Awesome Compact Woodworking Tool Box

  1. Charming video with many useful ideas included. I smiled throughout, so it obviously appealed to the inner nerd in me. You can't have too many organiser boxes can you! Thanks for posting. I will check out the toolbox making video and resources for sure.

  2. Thanks for sharing. That toolbox looks handy. So do the Japanese-styled boxes. Then there are the plastic injection-moulded boxes. It's all quite confusing especially when you have to choose what tools to bring to the job. But I think your toolbox with its open access design has the edge.

    I sometimes have to travel to London with my tools, climb several flights of steps only to find I have brought the wrong tools. So I tend to carry more tools than necessary and end up with a trolley of tools to lug up and down the stairs.

    So I guess the hunt is for small multi-purpose tools. The impact driver is certainly a contender as it can be kitted out with special drill bits, socket spanner sets and screwdriver bits. The jigsaw is also a great tool cutting curves and straight line with a set square. The hammer, chisel, pliers, awl, tape measure and digital measure. Can anyone else add to this list? And we haven't touched on the hardware! Pity the tool box has no clamping provision.

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