14 thoughts on “New Legacy School of Woodworking New York with Paul Sellers

  1. For over 5 years, I waste time and money buying woodworking guides, plans but most of them left me much more question than answer.

  2. For more than 5yrs, I spend time and money purchasing wood working guides, plans but many of them left me more issue than answer.

  3. All I can say it's a beautiful peace of ART. Where exactly is this school at I live in Queens New York. Thanks for sharing and what you do. 

  4. You must be so proud! It would be great to build something similar in North Wales. I know lots of people who could help!

  5. Not really answered in the video, but did YOU actually assist in building the space? It's beautiful, and I was just wondering if you and several several students/professionals built the classroom using sheet plans? Very beautiful structure…would be very interested in seeing a new video from the same aspect…1 year later!

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