Multi-Tool Tricks for Woodworking

A multi-tool will tackle a variety of DIY tasks, but it’s also handy for putting the finishing touches on wood plugs. Chris Marshall shows you a quick trick for trimming them flush in a fraction of the time it takes with hand tools. Here’s how.
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20 thoughts on “Multi-Tool Tricks for Woodworking

  1. Bought a multitool about a week ago, not by Fein but a brand called Worx (type: WX 680 Sonicrafter). It's half the price of a Fein with compareable specs (costed me even less as I bought it during a promotion sale). It does a great job sawing, cutting etc. As for sanding… well, as with any multitool, it's doable and it maybe has the edge on bigger equipment when working on very mall projects but you certainly shouldn't rely on it to become your go-to sanding tool. The cool thing with the Worx is it has a special locking system that holds the accessories of most known brands such as Fein, Bosch, Makita, Dremel and many more. I'm not getting paid or whatever to write this but since this video looked and sounded a bit like an infomercial for Fein tools to me I thought I'd even out the field by adding my experience with another brand. I'm really curious about the brands and types of multitools you guys are using, what your experiences are and how you think they compare to, for instance, a Fein in terms of pricing and quality.

    Keep workin' it!

  2. If the title said fein advertisement or something like that it would be ok. Since that s not the case i would be inclined to say the following;
    You suck

  3. i used the same sander for my coffee table. it left a lot of deep scribble patterns. screw this tool. worst investment ever.

  4. Chris, Great suggestion!  I have had my Fein MultiMaster now for at least 8 years and I love it!  As you mentioned in the vid, you don't use this tool often but when you do, it's a godsend to have it in your inventory!  I have used it for cutting out light boxes in drywall, removing grout and tile, undercutting door frames for tile installation and a number of other odd projects. It's supe-great for getting in those tight, hard to reach spots. The one thing I haven't used it too much for is sanding.  Your video has inspired me to do more.  Thanks for sharing this!

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