Making a Kitchen Cart with Killer Features | Easy Woodworking Project

Making a Kitchen Cart with Killer Features | Easy Woodworking Project

Tutorial on how to make a kitchen cart. An easy woodworking project for everyone!
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Router Table:
GRR-RIP Block:
Kreg Trak and Stop (table saw sled):
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Jet Drill Press:
Titebond Wood Glue:
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Bessey Clamps:
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20 thoughts on “Making a Kitchen Cart with Killer Features | Easy Woodworking Project

  1. David, love what you do. Great channel. I found an edited version on this video on another channel that has posted 45 video's in 2 days. Don't think I should post links here.

  2. Boo's End grain cutting boards.. 150-900 dollars… 30 bucks worth of materials where i get my stuff.. you want a walmart cart.. buy one.. you want this cart? buy it.. you only get ripped off if you dont get what you think you're buying… 8/4 oak rough aint no joke though… a sawyer told me exactly what it takes to kiln dry and stablize wood that size.. made me question why anyone cuts and dries 8/4 after you calculate time and inventory space (plus loss of checking). anywho. nice cart build.. gonna make one out of cherry with a butcherblock cutting top.. nice idea.

  3. A quick fun video on a fun job. For alternatives to the design I keep thinking the dowels in the serving tray could be brought up taller with a rod between them for easy wood handles or they could come up into a block going the full depth of the tray on each side. The block would be routed down each side to provide grips, think like a section of stair railing with the ends rounded off.

  4. That was a nice piece of wood that you used. Of course you could source it cheaper and glue up like you said… but that piece was great and it's less work. I like it how it is.
    Also… cute baskets!

  5. Hi Dave, from a previous post you had mentioned that you didn't know what the pin on your band saw was for. It is to align the two hafts of the table and keep your work from hitting the outfeed slot

  6. I was thinking this would be my next project til the end where you said you'll have no room for it.
    thought to myself. well Damm I have no where to put one ether

  7. I would have put rails on the upper posts because the look a little fragile plus wood movement could have some effect on them

    and I think the project is worth 500$ because of the time and material you have put in it but I don't think anyone one is gonna pay that kind of money fore it because it is nice but it doesn't look really special not trolling just giving my unwanted opinion 😉

  8. Like the design, nice and clean. I would maybe add some braces on the upper verticals to add a bit of strength as the top is removable

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