Make a Try Square – Woodworking Layout Tool

Follow along as I go thou making a French Style Try Square out of curly maple and cherry. You can make your own or support this little woodworking school by purchasing one on our website ‘’ or visiting our relocation fundraiser on

20 thoughts on “Make a Try Square – Woodworking Layout Tool

  1. When buying try squares, all that I've ever seen have a square end; what is the purpose of the S curve on the end of this one? I assume it isn't merely decorative.

  2. I'm all for making things yourself when you can, but a square is not something I would risk being off.
    All it takes is for your hand to be 1-2 degrees out when you're chiseling the slot and the square is useless. I'd also be worried about the wood warping over time, although I guess as you always work inside your shop that's not such an issue for you.
    It's a nice project and was beautifully made, I'm just not sure about the practical use of it.

  3. I'm sure glad we have electricity where I live, at least you won't wake the family.
    Just kidding, that was fun to watch a skilled woodworker exercise his skills, you have a new sub.

  4. I really enjoyed watching this….. watching someone like you using your hand tool skills is really impressive…. you have a new subscriber.

  5. What did you finish it with? It looked like you rubbed on some boiled linseed, but why bother if you're putting on a wax right after?

  6. What is the reason for the divots in the rear and the slope on the front of the square? Is it purely decorative? Thanks

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