Legacy CNC 3 Station Demonstration

Legacy’s Maverick CNC allows you to work on three independent work stations easily moving from 3-axis machining to 5-axis turning to vertical fixturing for precision joinery. Watch as we use all three work stations to complete a three legged pedestal that features sliding dovetail joinery, a turned spindle and inlay in the table top.

17 thoughts on “Legacy CNC 3 Station Demonstration

  1. please ,can u tell me if you have other suppliers in other countries ,like spain , i would like to buy this machine as soon as possible ,thank you .

  2. Excellent machine when compared to the biggies that cost $100,000 or the competitors in USA with similar features.

  3. I never understand why people are so negative. I have been doing CAD-CAM and CNC manufacturing for almost 20 years in my own companies and for others. I do not see any basis for criticism… just people trying to show how much they know. Gad!

  4. Очень хороший аппарат! Можете мне его подарить. )) Буду очень Вам признателен.

  5. no cnc in market might be true, but i have on home lol. and why your market machine is so noisy. what this machine cost 10k? could buy good working market machine with 3k but if i home build way under 1.2k

  6. Hi Tracy
    Excellent video but what else would I expect.
    What was the overall time taken to make the table?
    Retired Roger in UK

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