12 thoughts on “Jet 8 Inch Jointer (JJ8CS)

  1. awesome bro how much did this unit come out to I was looking into the jet that's the jointer and planner a few grand for that one

  2. Wow, what a great addition to your shop. Jet…top of the line equipment. I know your proud to get it. The quality and precision of your work will improve immensely with that new jointer.

  3. Hey, Anthony – thanks for the video, and congratulations on the new jointer. I'm curious…you stated that you upgraded because you are doing bigger projects. That being said, how did your Rigid Jointer perform? I have one on it's way, and I purchased it because the jobs I do are smaller. Did you like it? Were there any issues that you had with it? I purchased mine, funny enough, because I saw you had one in your shop. Can you give me any advise on it?

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