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The router is one of the most useful tools in your woodworking shop, and just a few bits will allow to embellish your projects. The addition of a router table opens op even more possibility for making joints and more. In this video, WOOD magazine’s Jim Heavey shows you how to use a router table and some useful accessories for make a router table safer and more versatile.

Jim demonstrates how to use your router table to:
* Make trim for projects
* Joint board edges
* Make dowels
* make identical furniture parts using templates

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14 thoughts on “How to Use a Router Table — WOOD magazine

  1. That tip on how to prevent chip out on pieces was great I will definitely have to use that technique because I have had chip out on my ends quite a few times!

  2. Thanks for the video. I am just starting out messing around making floating shelves, shelves in my wife's laundry room. If I knew you could do all this will allow router table I would have saved a lot of $ on other tools I bought. Do you have a video on how to know what to adjust you router and router table to when working on pieces, or is it mostly trail and error?

  3. The people below have already expressed my thoughts. … A pleasure to listen and learn… Only ever used my router for door hinges and lock plates on sites… for years.. Now with new D.I.Y .table I can have great time !

  4. This guy is awesome – solid information, good educator, and left with a motivational snappy feeling
    Top Marks Sir!

  5. Too bad all instructional videos aren't as well produced as this one. Great video, audio and clear explanation. Thank you!

  6. Thank you, great video.
    Could talk more about router speeds and any safety aspects if any. I find selecting router speed very confusing.

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