How to build Miniature 1:12 Scale Benches using Miniature Table Saw

How to build Miniature 1:12 Scale Benches using Miniature Table Saw

This is my introduction to you all! My name is Jose F Rodriguez and I have been building museum quality 1:12 scale furniture replicas for over 45 years.
In this video I show you what it is that I create in 1:12 scale and I’ve also thrown in a demo of how to create identical duplicates of a simple little wood bench project.

I feature the PREAC Precision Miniature Table Saw.
Which is basically the finest most precise miniature table saw ever
Though not in production at the present time due to the creator and company owner’s passing, there are current discussions of bringing back production in the future.

I hope you all enjoy this 1st video on this subject and the many to soon follow!

13 thoughts on “How to build Miniature 1:12 Scale Benches using Miniature Table Saw

  1. A man with such multi talents should not be humanly possible yet here he is. Beautiful miniatures Jose. Great detail and patience required. I have done some nice full size cabinet work but would not have the patience or equipment for tiny ones. I wonder how the hinges are fixed, i presume TINY screws. Be careful of the blade on your saw though, the fingers get a bit too close at times. I presume it does not kick back like full size bench saws but still, that blade could take a nice chunk out of a finger, or the whole finger. Sometimes becoming too familiar with a tool or procedure leads to a nasty ouchy.
    Not sure how you clear coat the pieces but l have had good success with a Cabots product called Cabothane Clear, it is available in a satin and gloss, l have only used satin. I have had good success with it in a aerosol spray can. Normally aerosol spray cans are a bit problematic with unwanted spray drops and heavy finish but no problems with this one, the spray mist is very nice and fine and no unwanted spray drops, even if using the spray can many months after first use. I would think it could be ideal for little items like these. It is an interior / exterior oil base product for furniture. As with all spray cans turn upside down to spray Clean the nozzle with internal propellant.

  2. Nice video! Thanks for sharing. 🙂 One question please:
    On 24:36, is this a low height of the same blade that you set to make the dado cuts, or is it a different smaller blade? I have the Proxxon KS 230 and thought maybe there is an option to change the height of the blade to be able to make such dado cuts, but then found that mine is fixed in only one height position… =

  3. Hi, my name is Jo. You so inspired me to built something like this which appropriate to the small craft work as you had done. I trying to built my own mini table saw for cut a wood and plastic sheet at about 10mm. thickness, but there are some of problem for me about the electrical and gear system.

    So I really need your help and thank you for your suggestion.
    – what kind of motor did you use. Type, watt and rpm, can I use the same?
    – how can you run the blade. what is the blade and core size, how can you stick it in place?
    – how can you adjusting the blade level?

    Thank you for your help sir.

  4. Thank you again for e-mailing back. Yes I would love to have a saw like yours!!! – plus the knowledge you have to go along with it!!. So if you re-make a saw ——- just keep me and others informed. The HFT item is ok for some other cuttings but not quite like your's. I like your videos' keep showing how to make the furniture for the 1: scale. Stay in contact…..Thanks. Denice

  5. Thank you for returning my e-mail. The saw I purchased is from: Harbor Freight Tools. It's made about the same minus the motor in the back as yours. This has a motor included under the top where the saw blade is. Naturally yours is much better!!!
    I use it at times – but I usually use my dremel small tools. If you have the dremel tools I would be interested in how to make "the finer items of furniture" that you showed. Thank you again…D…

  6. I found that a Byrnes is very similar to your mini saw BUT you are going to dig deep in your pocket to purchase one. Perhaps you should do a little reverse engineering on your and produce one. Sine the owner died then any patient he had on it in most cases died with him. Hell, shoot me all the dimensions and I'll partner up! 🙂

    Nice demo of your nice tool!

  7. Great work!  I purchased the 6" x 10" Preac in 2001, but I've yet to use it.  I made a total of 14 miniatures in the late 1980s to 1995, most of which sold, and one stolen even, and I am about to resume production.  Again, great work!

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