19 thoughts on “How to Build Kitchen Cabinet Carcass

  1. 'course, you could always use a router and a router table and- Put a dovetail groove in both sides for the shelf, and two pins in the shelf so it slides in and is glued- Put a dado groove in the back (if it was thicker…) and slide the base in. And glue- Put a rabbet groove in the top for the lidThen, it would be solid.

  2. Hey guys, Thats a good video here. The most complete woodworking plans that I have ever used was Toms Magic Wood (i found it on google). Without a doubt it contains the most incredible woodworking plans that I have ever tried.

  3. to save time and money only use pocket holes for face frame, if the sides of the cabinets are going to be covered by other cabinets just screw it from the sides…i usually build my cabinets without the toe kick part as i use adjustable legs on mines it keeps the ply from being in contact with the floor …

  4. This was extremely helpful. Spent the winter/spring building cabinets for my garage, laundry room and office. You saved me soooo much money and I am very happy with the end result. Thank you so much!

  5. This one I like, thanks to Gretchen I found Hyezmar’s website and got his plans as well. They’re all not that good, but there are some gems in there.

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