11 thoughts on “Grizzly Wood Lathe Review and Modifications

  1. Ok, i think ill pass on this lathe. I was going to buy this model new. What would you buy for a new lathe ? Thanks ps, did the chuck the bowls on come with the original lathe

  2. Do you notice that the treadmill motor has more torque at lower speeds than the motor that it originally came with?  Thanks!

  3. Yeah. The pulley system sucks…. No matter how good and expensive the belt is it won't last very long…..

  4. Nice Modification!!  I know this is an old video, hopefully you might still read the comments.  I have this same lathe and am contemplating doing the same thing to hold me over until I can afford a new one.  Question: When you are at LOW RPM's (250 to 500) do you find that the torque is too weak?  Or is it still strong enough to rough out a bowl/vessel?  That's the only downside I've heard about using a treadmill motor.  Any input would be hugely helpful.  Thanks!

  5. The think I made the small one about 2 or 2.5" The large one was around 4.5" if I remember. I basically made the large pulley as big as it could be and still fit inside the headstock.

  6. Thanks for the comment. I saw a video on youtube where the guy had done the same thing to this lathe. I figured I had little to lose so long as I got the treadmill cheap, and if it didn't work I could restore it to its original configuration. It makes using this lathe more enjoyable, and I can't afford to buy a nicer one yet and Grandpa doesn't want to spend the money as he is not into turning as much as I am.

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