1. The finished height is 30″…you may make the legs longer, but be sure
    the dowel pin holding the legs together is still the same hgt from the top
    of the table.

  2. This looks like a great project. Can you tell us the height of the table when it is folded out? Could this be built at a height of 37-38″ high by just extending the length of the legs in the video?

  3. These types of tables are also period correct for Revolutionary War reenacting. We use ours all the time for every event, at home, and for 21st century camping as well. When made correctly (just as this Gentlemen shows) they can last for many years to come. In all we have 5 with the oldest being 8 years old. Which just so happened to be a Christmas gift to me from my loving husband.

  4. As I showed in part 9 of 9…take out screws one at a time….then drill 1/4 inch diam
    hole and glue in 3/8 inch wooden dowel pins.

  5. otherwise sorry but I do not understand the measures that will make the tables the surface of the table, and how far the brackets are screwed

  6. Hi, great work, I would like to ask a question, as is held in place outside support if it is not glued or screwed . Thanks in advance.
    greetings from mexico

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