EP042 – Shop Time with Jim Heavey

Ravinheart Renditions – A Woodworking Podcast – EP042 – Shop Time with Jim Heavey

On this episode of Shop Time I got the opportunity to have a conversation with someone I consider one of my working heroes … Jim Heavey.

I have seen Jim’s presentations at the Woodworking Show in Milwaukee several times over the years. His ability to present just about any topic in a simple and entertaining way keeps me coming back every time. In the episode we discuss Jim’s many roles in the woodworking community (The Woodworking Shows, Wood Magazine, Weekend with Wood) and a few other things about Jim and his working life.

If you have questions for Jim or myself, feel free to comment, Skype, or use the contact form. Be sure to check out the contact info at the end of the video for other way to contact the show too …
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One thought on “EP042 – Shop Time with Jim Heavey

  1. Thank you for this upload. I got the prize for my showcased bar stool at woodworking show 2016 in Baltimore. I knew he was a pretty prominent woodworker but I wanted to learn more about him. You podcast was just what I wanted! Thank you! Michael

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