Spokeshave Buying Advice | Woodworkers Guild of America

Once you know that a spokeshave will be in your future, you need to know what kind of spokeshave is best for you. Tom Caspar has A LOT of spokeshaves in his shop and, using his great collection, can help you identify which version of this tool is best for you. Wooden body, metal body, round or flat bottom, adjustment screws or not….all great questions that Tom will help you with.
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Woodworking Tools available at Menards – FastCap

I guess I don’t understand Menards organization. I am there every week and did not realize they even had FastCap Woodworking tools until about a month or so ago. If you are looking for FastCap Glubots they are not with glue and you will only find them with the pinewood derby cars in the hobby section Same with the artisan hammer, accuscribe, blind nails, fast edge, TracPad, etc.

If you want one of their countersink tools for the powerhead cabinet screws you will only find it HIDDEN on the top shelf. Being 6′ tall I am just a little to short to see it.

Now you will find the tape measures with the other tape measures so someone was thinking there !
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